Project 365 – Week 29 of 2023

Week 29 – 16 July to 22 July 2023

Final week of school before the summer holidays. Usual routine!

Day 197 – Sunday

Decided to pop to the parents house in the morning. Minu had fun with a water gun and her scooter before it started raining.

Day 198 – Monday

Met up with some friends at Inflatanation. They do a toddler session at 11am which is just for under 5’s. Which means that the toddlers aren’t restricted to just the toddler part which is small but can use the inflatables in the whole place safely without older children around. Then headed to the park with friends for a while. Ended up back at the park after we picked up Bee from school as the eldest was coming out half an hour late and the park is opposite. Decided to play for a bit longer when the oldest joined us. It looked like it was going to chuck it down with rain but apart from a few drops it didn’t.

Day 199 – Tuesday

Our very last session with Anna, our Imaginator at Hartbeeps. Felt sad that she is leaving as she was amazing, but will see how it goes with the other imaginator on Fridays from September. And final day of school for both older girls!

Also took mum to see the heart failure nurse for the first time since she left hospital back at the end of May. Thankfully she couldn’t hear any fluid and mums legs and ankles didn’t look swollen which are all good signs. Mum does have weakness in her arm and gets breathless easier. She also often feels tightness in her chest so the nurse she said she would like to speak to someone a bit more senior to her and she would get back to us. She was really nice and praised Minu for behaving and gave her her highlighters to use for some colouring when she got a bit bored.

Day 200 – Wednesday

First day of the summer holidays. Decided to head to Full of Beans in the afternoon then headed the shops to look for some trainers for Bee. She only has sandals as her other shoes have gotten smaller.

Day 201 – Thursday

I had been planning to go to the Childrens Museum in London but then couldn’t be bothered with figuring out parking so the plan had been Twinlakes. However Minu suddenly got ill overnight and from 1am she was very unsettled with a runny nose and sounding a bit chesty. I barely slept and as she had a slight temperature in the morning we decided not to go. She seemed OK for most of the day apart from a snotty nose. I think it may be teething related as she still has her final 4 back molars to come out and noticed that she got unwell on previous occasions when teeth popped out. Husband was home today and helped keep Minu entertained. While she was in the conservatory with her dad the cat came to sit with me and play. She still hasn’t got used to the toddler.

Day 202 – Friday

A better nights sleep for both myself and Minu. She is slightly better today but still a runny noise and her voice sounds a bit funny too. So didn’t go into town which had been our original plan. Made the girls some sweetcorn and cheese fritters which Minu had loved when I was weaning her and all the girls actually liked them. Changed the recipe slightly to add a touch of pepper and also coriander.

Day 203 – Saturday

A miserable day. Bee didn’t have karate and we decided to just stay at home and chill as Minu was still not 100%. The cat sat in my bedroom window watching the rain.

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