Project 365 – Weeks 31 and 32 of 2023

Weeks 31 and 32 – 30 July to 12 August 2023

Lake District and then a week of being ill.

Day 211 – Sunday

Minu’s second birthday. We had already had a celebration earlier in the week, so this morning it was just a few extra presents. The plan had been to take her to the farm but due to the recent rain decided it was not the best idea. So we just popped to the parents for a little while. Also dropped Minnie off at the cattery.

Day 212 – Monday

Left for the Lake District for a few days. Weather wasn’t looking good. We stopped off at Manchester for some food and got a bit extra to last us a few days. It started chucking it down while we were in the restaurant and as we were getting the bill Minu decided it would be nice to dance in the rain! Had to rescue her before she got completely soaked. When we got to our Airbnb we just decided to rest up. I had found a bungalow which was ideal as didn’t have to worry about stairs and stair gates. (Picture taken on the final non rainy day!) I had been worried about Minu and the long journey but she did really well.

Day 213 – Tuesday

The weather didn’t look too bad today so we headed to the lakes and took a boat ride around. We stopped at Wray Castle which to be honest I found a bit disappointing. We didn’t stick around at the places too long as it did look like it was going to rain. We then decided to drive to the zoo as it said the weather was ok in that area but by the time we got there it was chucking it down….thankfully they were open tickets. On the way back we stopped off at the aquarium….felt like it was over priced as we were basically done in around 30 minutes. We then decided to take a quick trip across the lake as the weather was better and we had time…..but we ended up on the wrong boat. What should have been a 5 minutes trip that cost us £13 there and back when we wanted to return, ended up 90 minutes and and extra £36. To say we were fed up is an understatement.

Day 214 – Wednesday

I had had so many plans for today, a farm a few minutes drive from us, some National Trust properties but there was heavy rain overnight and it was rain pretty much all day. We looked at booking a few indoor places but clearly others had had the same idea and everything was booked up. We ended up driving to Manchester to the Trafford Centre and they had some rides which the younger two girls got to enjoy. We just had a few small showers to deal with.

Day 215 – Thursday

By now we were totally fed up and although it was a nicer day we decided to just head to the zoo as we had the tickets and then go straight home. Minu loved seeing all the animals.

Day 216 – Friday

Went and collected Minnie from the Cattery as soon as they opened. She was glad to get home and went and relaxed on my bed.

Day 217 – Saturday

No pictures today….spent the day doing the washing which I hadn’t done yesterday due to rain. Started getting a bit of a sore throat.

Day 218 – Sunday

A community picnic today at the park where I was helping out as a volunteer. Thankfully the rain held off and we had a good time. Minu actually sat and got glitter tattoos on both her hands. My throat started getting worse and once we got home I started aching all over and got the chills.

Day 219 – Monday

Feeling rough so just rested up. No pics

Day 220 – Tuesday

Still feeling rough…was meant to take the girls to an event at the park but had no energy.

Day 221 – Wednesday

Today I felt really bad and hubby decided to stay at home. Started feeling a bit better by the end of the day and asked him to get cake.

Day 222 – Thursday

Feeling rough but not as bad as before. The sun was out so the girls were playing in the garden. I still felt a bit weak so we didn’t go anywhere. Thankfully the nephew was off work so he took Bee to karate and collected her. Minu has been a bit grumpy too but I think hers is more teething related than being sick like me.

Day 223 – Friday

Another day spent at home as not feeling 100%. No pictures.

Day 224 – Saturday

Feeling much better today. But then think I overdid it when started cutting the grass. By the afternoon had a headache and needed to lie down as felt so tired. One of the neighbourhood cats thinks our garden is its territory and attacks Minnie. We have to discourage him/her from coming in our garden somehow as our cat seems to be too wimpy to defend her territory.

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