Project 365 – Week 33 of 2023

Weeks 33 – 13 August to 19 August 2023

Nicer weather and feeling better so managed to get out a bit more.

Day 225 – Sunday

Still feeling a bit weak after being sick for all of last week so just rested up. No pictures.

Day 226 – Monday

I had booked tickets for today for Wicksteed Park so I had to take the girls. Was feeling better but still a bit drained…. but the fresh air did me good. We were worried about the rain as the forecast was not great. But the rain held off. It did work in our favour though as it wasn’t busy. But I feel like Wicksteed Park is just not the same anymore. Seemed like less rides and a lot of favourites taken away. Minu was too small to go on a lot of the rides…she just managed to go on 4. And then on the way home I am not sure what happened but she vomited in her car seat when we were 5 mins away. She has never been sick in the car so was a shock to us all!

Day 227 – Tuesday

Was worried that Minu may have caught something after she was sick in the car, but she was her usual self. So we headed to my mums house as we hadn’t seen her all week due to me being ill, she hadn’t been well either. Minu had fun watering the plants with her water gun!

Day 228 – Wednesday

Headed to out toddler group. We hadn’t been in 3 weeks as first Minu had been a bit unwell, then we were away and then I was sick. It was nice to get back and see everyone. Then decided to head into town to get the last of the school bits, and decided to treat the girls to bubble tea and ice cream. Minu couldn’t wait to get her hands on the ice cream!

Day 229 – Thursday

Hubby had to drop his car off in Cambridge for an extensive service, so myself and the girls went in my car and met up with him. We went to the market which I am sure is a lot smaller than it used to be, had a look around Fitzwilliam museum and then headed to Parkers Piece where there were some fairground rides that the two younger girls got to enjoy.

Day 230 – Friday

A quiet day at home as we were tired from all the walking around yesterday. But then decided to take Minu to to the play area at Bee’s karate. We were heading there anyway to drop Bee off at karate so thought we would let Minu have some fun.

Day 231 – Saturday

After we collected Bee from karate we headed to a ‘fun day’ in the local community which ended up mainly being stalls of food. We got some desserts and came home within 10 mins. Didn’t take any pics.

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