Project 365 – Week 34 of 2023

Weeks 34 – 20 August to 26 August 2023

A few outings this week and a few days of doing nothing too.

Day 232 – Sunday

Woke up feeling a bit stressed and knew I had to get out. It was meant to be a hot day so it was a toss up between soft play with air conditioning or the local farm. As I was booking soft play, I changed my mind and headed to the farm. We need to make the most of the nice days. Turned out to be the right decision as although it was sunny, the breeze kept things cool and all 3 girls had a good time. The farm doesn’t have lots of animals but enough to keep the kids happy, and they also have soft play which Minu loved, an outdoor area and special sandpit area for the summer holidays.

Day 233 – Monday

Popped to a friends in the morning so Minu could play with her friends, then headed to the shops with them. Managed to spot a dragonfly in their garden. At least this one is safe from our cat!

Day 234 – Tuesday

Headed to a local country park with Minu’s friends and took a picnic. Minu initially wouldn’t put her feet down on the sand without her shoes but eventually did! The girls had a nice time with the sand and water.

Day 235 – Wednesday

Did think about going out for the day but needed a rest. So just took Minu to her usual toddler group for an hour and a half.

Day 236 – Thursday

Hubby’s day off and we couldn’t decide where to go. The plan had initially been to go Twinlakes with friends but then they couldn’t go. And reading some of the reviews then put us off….plus with Minu still being under 90cm, I wasn’t sure how many rides she would actually be able to go on. Hubby then suggested Southend on Sea but we aren’t really sitting on the beach type people and I didn’t want to go all that way just for expensive fairground rides. I then managed to convince him to drive us to a horse charity, Bransby Horses as the girls had been asking me to take them but their dad hadn’t wanted to go. He ended up agreeing which saved me having to drive them another day! It was a nice place to walk around for a couple of hours, see the horses and have a play in the play area. Although entry is free and just a donation, the girls ended up buying a horse teddy each! Then decided to drive to Leicester to eat out.

Day 237 – Friday

A quiet day at home. Didn’t want to go anywhere today. I did consider taking them to the park in the afternoon, but the washing was out and the clouds looked a bit ominous, so stayed at home. We are having some progress with getting the cat and Minu to be friends. Slowly getting there. The cat seems to want to trust Minu but is still nervous around her. The only time Minu can get close to her is if she is sleepy and I am there to reassure her too.

Day 238 – Saturday

Another quiet day. Just went to pick up Bee at karate but other than that just chilled at home. No pictures.

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