Project 365 – Week 35 of 2023

Week 35 – 27 August to 2 September 2023

Final week of the summer holidays before back to school.

Day 239 – Sunday

There was a fun day happening at the local park so decided to head there. It was basically just inflatables and some stalls to buy things, so Minu just had a go on some of the inflatables and then we just headed to the main area. We gave some food to the squirrels and one was happy to come and take it from our hands.

Day 240 – Monday

Bee had to meet her friend at Puttstars for a game of golf. Eldest didn’t want to play and I couldn’t really with Minu. There was nothing for Minu to do so we went shopping for a bit instead. Doubt I will return to the place…just wasn’t my kind of thing….music booming, alcohol..just didn’t have the vibe I am comfortable in. In the evening treated the girls to a takeaway burger.

Day 241 – Tuesday

Debated whether to take the girls out today but then decided to stay home. I had got some Gelli Baff to try out and so we did some sensory play today instead.

Day 242 – Wednesday

Was thinking about taking the girls out for the day but then decided to just take Minu to her toddler group as we have a day out planned for tomorrow. Bee came with us and they did some of the crafts together.

Day 243 – Thursday

Headed to Old McDonalds Farm in Brentwood. Almost didn’t go as the weather forecast was suggesting light rain and showers for most of the day, but risked it and the rain held off. The girls loved it, but I have to say that I personally found that the price for the adults is ridiculous as its £1 more than the kids price, and theres nothing for adults to do really.

Day 244 – Friday

Driving Theory Test today for the eldest and she passed with flying colours. Then she headed to a friends for a get together for her birthday while myself and the other two girls just chilled at home.

Day 245 – Saturday

A quiet day. Bee hadn’t wanted to go to karate as her hand was hurting. We went to see a nursery for Minu. She probably won’t go until next September but I want to start looking around and put her name on the waiting lists for the ones we like. We were then meant to go to a nursery fun day as they were celebrating 20 years but Minu was tired and fell asleep, and then the hairdresser was due to come round to cut the girls hair before back to school. No pictures.

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