Project 365 – Week 42 of 2023

Week 42 – 15 October to 21 October 2023

A quiet week. Last week of school before half term. Continuing to watch the news and feeling broken by the lack of silence and lack of help for those being oppressed.

Day 289 – Sunday

Headed to the parents house as it was the Great Eastern Run and we always go to watch it if it isn’t raining. This time we didn’t go early though and just parked the car a bit further out and walked to their house. It was cold so we didn’t stand out for too long but Bee got to see her teacher pass and he waved at him.

Day 290 – Monday

Met up with friends at Dobbies soft play and then headed to the shops. Was nice to get out for the morning.

Day 291 – Tuesday

Went to the mums meet up but we may have to soon stop going to it as it is only for parents with kids up to 2. At the moment they are not strict with it but that may change soon. I had ordered some white vinegar after the diesel drama of last week, as I had heard it can get the smell of diesel out of clothes and the washing machine. A couple of washes later with bicarb of soda seemed to have lessened the smell but I could still smell it. I think it will probably take a few more washes.

Day 292 – Wednesday

Headed to mums in the morning as when I phoned dad said she hadn’t got out of bed yet and had been coughing all night. She was up by the time we got there and had had some tea and biscuits, so headed to toddler group where it was halloween themed with spider crafts. Minu got a bit carried away with the legs on the spider. We then went back to mums after. Her cough was quite bad, seems like she may have picked up a cold.

Day 293 – Thursday

Bee came home with the headteachers award. She got this award 2 years ago and its nice she got it again in her final year at this school.

Day 294 – Friday

Finally shared some products I had been sent to review on my Instagram stories and will review them properly during half term. But I thought this personalised chocolate by one company was really nice as it showed they had made an effort. Minu started coughing a bit, I think she may have picked up something from my mum and she had an unsettled night.

Day 295 – Saturday

Minu seemed OK during the day after some Calpol first thing but we stayed at home and cancelled a day out planned for tomorrow to make sure she is fully recovered and rested. She was coughing a bit during the day. No pictures as pretty much just watched TV all day.

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