Project 365 – Week 41 of 2023

Week 41 – 8 October to 14 October 2023

I don’t usually say anything political etc on my blog, but my heart is breaking for the Palestinians. They have been oppressed for many years and now a Genocide is happening in front of everyones eyes and the world largely remains silent or is aiding it to happen. Water, electricity and food is being cut off. They are being told to leave and then attacked while leaving. Media is biased in its reporting but this is nothing new. War crimes are clearly happening. It’s mainly been a week of shock at what is happening. That is all I am going to say on the matter as there are blogs out there that explain the situation a lot better than what I can.

Day 282 – Sunday

The weather was nice today and I wanted to make the most of it and took the girls to Mead Open Farm. So grateful that Minu is better in the car now as I no longer have to wait for the husband to take a day off and take us so I can sit in the back with her. It was an hour away and we had a nice day. There wasn’t a huge variety of animals there to be honest but it made up for it with the play areas. The girls loved feeding the goats and sheep.

Day 283 – Monday

Took mum to the doctors first thing as she was in severe pain and couldn’t lift her arm at all and her hands were swollen. The GP told her to go to the minor injuries unit for an xray on her shoulder incase she had broken something in her fall last week. Took her and A&E was packed…no where to sit at all but a young lady was kind enough to give mum her seat. I realised this was going to take hours and I had Minu with me. So called my dad to come and be with mum so I could get Minu home for food etc. It ended up taking them 5 hours and the nurse said that the GP should have given mum a letter and she would have been seen quicker! There appears to be no damage but they gave her a sling and told her to keep moving it and taking painkillers.

Went to see a nursery aswell today for Minu for when we get the 3 year old funding next year. It was small and just a year old, but it seemed nice. And if Bee gets into the secondary school there it will make it easier for us in the mornings to drop them both off in the same grounds. Minu didn’t want to leave after seeing the nursery as she wanted to play and I had to take her home crying!

The eldest finally decided to get her ears pierced. She had mentioned it over the weekend but we had gone to the farm. We went straight after school before she changed her mind. I had suggested that the get it done at a tattoo parlour with a needle but she decided to head to Claires as they can do both ears at the same time. But when we got there there was only one staff member….but she decided to go ahead with it anyway. I am sure they used to give the cleaning solution once you got your ears pierced but now you have to pay an extra £15 on top of what you pay for the piercings. It ended up all costing me almost £80 as we got the slightly more expensive earrings as I can’t tolerate cheap ones and think the girls will be the same.

Day 284 – Tuesday

Our Lunch Club today. However it was different today. Before we had exclusive use of the hall for just our group, but as the lunch club in general has gained popularity the community centre wanted to use the hall for everyone else as the cafe area was too small… and lots of tables were set up in the hall, making it hard for the kids to play. It looks like we may need to look for alternatives.

Day 285 – Wednesday

Had a meeting first thing to have a chat about being a Literacy Champion. It is an initiative to encourage reading and it will be great to use this with the Scouts and the Squirrel section as it is all about reading a book and doing activities based on it. Then took Minu to her toddler group.

A doctor phoned mum about some other meds she needs to take and she then told mum to come off the codeine too as her swollen hands etc started after that. She also got a call from the hospital that it appears that she does have a fracture in her humerus and it was picked up after her xray was reviewed, and that they will send her exercises to do in the post.

Day 286 – Thursday

The husband was home today but we didn’t do much. Just chilled at home, the cat did too.

Day 287 – Friday

Our toddler group today. And this may be our last one here. They are planning to restart in January as they have new owner for this part of the city and she is due to start in January. Will see how we feel then.

Day 288 – Saturday

No pictures today! Did a bit of tidying up first things and rearranged the plants by bringing in the ones in the conservatory as it is now getting cold. Bee was at karate and before we went to pick her up I headed to Pets at home for cat stuff. On the way there I stopped for diesel as when I went earlier in the week I couldn’t fill it up properly as the pump was slow and I got fed up. It was slow again today and making the clicking noises as if the tank was full but I knew it was almost empty. I thought I had put the nozzle in incorrectly but checked and seemed fine. So i just put in in and slowly started filling it up. I didn’t realise that eventually the diesel was leaking out and pooling on the floor. And I was leaning on the car my cardigan had diesel all over it too. I told the guy at the till but he didn’t seem too bothered about the spillage. Ended up in Pets at Home stinking of diesel so was a quick in and out and no browsing….realised my car seat was now also covered in diesel (at that point I hadn’t realised my cardigan was soaked on one side). Got home and put the clothes in the washing machine and showered….and now the washing machine stinks of diesel too and the smell didn’t come out of the clothes. Did my best with cleaning the car seat. So been googling how to get the smell of diesel out of clothes. And the husband asked me if I put diesel in or did I make a mistake and try petrol…and did I actually put the nozzle in right??? I have been doing this since I was 17 so I am convinced there is some issue with the car. Will see when he takes a look after the weekend!

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