Project 365 – Week 40 of 2023

Week 40 – 1 October to 7 October 2023

An uneventful week really, but did go to visit a secondary school for Bee

Day 274 – Sunday

Needed to get out so decided to head to Full of Beans soft play and have lunch there too. Was nice for Minu to get to blow off some steam for a bit.

Day 275 – Monday

Didn’t do much today. Headed over to mums as she had a fall from her bed last night and hurt her head. So spent most of the day there. No pictures.

Day 276 – Tuesday

Had the mums meets up today but had to take Minnie to the vets today. She has had diarrhoea for almost a week and was a bit sick this morning too. The vets checked her over and couldn’t see anything wrong but gave her an injection incase she was nauseous and in pain, put her on a bland food diet and also gave some probiotics…and I have to go back if it helps. She set me back almost £100. I do have pet insurance but the excess is £99. This is a picture of her looking a bit angry after she had a thermometer up her backside! Managed to head to the meet up for a little while and glad I managed to go a lady from the literacy trust was there giving out some books and I linked with her for our scouts group too.

Day 278 – Wednesday

Toddler group today and we had autumn play today while there was water play outside. The weather really is strange at the moment for October!

Day 279 – Thursday

Was thinking to take Minu to a toddler group that we haven’t been to for a while in the morning but she decided to have an extra long lie in and it was almost 10am by the time she woke up. The toddler group started at 10. As the husband was home we just ended up going shopping. We then had some secondary schools to visit. A local Islamic girls only school, and a new secondary school that has only been open for 2 years so currently only has year 7 and year 8. The girls school is very small with only about 71 students from yrs 7-11. They have achieved some good results but the building and facilities are limited. The new school seemed good. I don’t want to send Bee where the eldest goes to (she will have left next year anyway) but she says theres more fights happening there. Bee would like to go there as all her friends are going to go there….but we did like the look of the new school too. The benefit of this new school is that they also have a new nursery and primary school, and if I think ahead it will make my life a lot easier if the girls are on the same grounds making pick up and drop off easier….and Bee would be able to get her sister if for any reason I couldn’t make it. But it is also risky as no OFSTED and no GCSE results yet. But they are put of a trust that has really good schools.

Day 280 – Friday

Minu had another lie in and then I couldn’t be bothered to rush to get to group…so a quiet day at home. The husband got us all some cake before he headed to work.

Day 281 – Saturday

I lost it at the state of Bee’s room this morning. I have tidied it so many times and made space for all her things but she doesn’t keep it tidy. Told her she isn’t going karate and we are sorting out her room. I did get upset with her as I simply don’t have the energy to keep sorting out her room for her. No pictures as I was just tired and fed up.

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