Project 366 – 12th February to 18th February

Week 7

Final week before half term, usual routine but also husbands birthday.

Monday Met up with some friends at Dobbies soft play and spent a couple of hours there. Tried the biscoff cheescake which was quite nice but really sweet. Dad had his boiler serviced and was told his C02 emissions were too high. So they told him not to use the boiler….they wouldn’t fix it and told him to contact the boiler insurers to get another job number before they could do anything. He called me to make the phone call and I emphasised how ill they both are and that this needs to be done urgently as they can’t be without hot water or heating. Got given an appointment for the next day but later received an email to say it was now Wednesday.

Tuesday Rhyme time at the library and then headed to the parents house. Didn’t take any pictures today.

Wednesday Took Minu to her toddler group and and received a phone call from Dad saying the boiler lot came and went saying they don’t have the part and they will ring when they do. I said I can’t really do alot if they don’t have a part and shouting isn’t going to get us anywhere. By the time I got to his he had already phoned them and had a go, and apparently they would ring tomorrow. Came home and Minu and I started baking a cake for her dad’s birthday tomorrow. He doesn’t really eat much cake so doesn’t seem worth buying a fancy one!

Thursday Dad got a phonecall to say they will come on Saturday to fix to boiler. So another couple of days of no heating or hot water for them. Husbands day off today so took Minu to soft play in the morning and then when the girls got home from school, we decided not to send Bee to karate and go out for a meal as it was her dad’s birthday. Before going he checked his account online to transfer some money to another account, and realised someone had spent over £400 online. It was still pending so we immediately contacted the bank to get it stopped. It was via an online automated chat so have to wait and see if we will be refunded. We did end up going out for the meal and my bro and dad joined us too.

Friday Husband got a message via the app to say that the bank are satisfied it is fraud and will refund the money. Not sure how it happened, he initially thought he had lost his bank card but then found it….and we think he was because while he was abroad he had used a couple of sites like Shein to order some items for when he returned…and we think they took his card/bank details. A busy day for Minu. we went to her toddler group, came home for lunch, then headed to the library for a teddy bear event. Then popped to my parents house, and once we picked up the older girls headed into town as the eldest needed a few things. While there we saw the amazing lego animals the shopping centre have on display for half term next week.

Saturday A quiet day at home today. Didn’t take any pictures. Dad finally got his boiler fixed.

Sunday Headed to the parents in the morning. Had a takeaway there. I went and collected some Dates ready for Ramadan in a few weeks.

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