Feeling broody?

Asalaam Alaikum
What is it about seeing a baby that can make you feel oh so broody!?
I went to see one of my closest friends baby today who is now 6 weeks old mashAllah and she is so sweet!! I’d forgotten babies can be sooo small and sooo cute (when they are not crying!)
My hubby isn’t one for holding small babies and my friend just put the baby into his lap… He looked so uncomfortable. Had to save the poor kid before he dropped her or something! He was holding her at a distance as if she was contagious!! He does love children, but is scared of holding very small babies.
As soon as I picked her up she looked at me with this little frown on her face and I just immediately fell in love. I think she was trying to work out who I was. I have picked up other babies but the love I felt for this little one was overwhelming. Maybe it was because she was the child of a friend who I love to bits? I genuinely feel like she is my little niece who I would do anything for.
I just wish I lived closer to this friend so I can see my niece grow up. Seeing her did bring out my maternal side which has been dormant for a while. Since I have had H, I have been quite content with just the one child,  after seeing this baby am feeling slightly broody.

Maybe a good nights sleep will shake off the feeling and I will be back to my normal ‘I don’t want to go through pregnancy and birth again!!!’

Oh and here’s a picture I took on my way to see her. I just couldn’t resist taking a pic as it looked so beautiful!

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  • Assalamu Aleykum dear sister,

    MashALLAH what a beautiful post!When my son was under age 6, I used to say "I would never ever want to experience it all again". But now that he has grown so much, I miss the feeling of having a "baby child",I would love to have one now.I guess as time passes we kinda "forget" about the hardship of pregancy and parenting babies, and just keep the good in mind.

  • Wa alaikum asalaam sister. JazakAllah khair for your comment. I think you are right. My daughter is now 4 and a half and I think part of me is missing the 'baby child' as you put it.