Reading Buddy

I have volunteered to be a reading buddy at munchkins school…….and now I am thinking WHY?

A reading buddy is just someone who goes in and listens to the kids read.

I had noticed that it takes about 2 weeks before anyone listens to munchkin read at school and change her book. So when they asked about reading buddies I thought rather than moan about it I will go and help out.

I had my CRB check done last week so once that is through I can officially go into the school and help out.

Now you are probably thinking why I am questioning being a reading buddy.

Well I usually finish work at 3pm. However one day a week I finish at 1pm. That is the only day I get 2 hours uninterrupted ‘me’ time without hubby or munchkin. And now I have volunteered to go into the school during that time!

I must be mad!!! 😀Photobucket

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  • Good on you, Foz! Just look forward to how much you will learn. From working with kids myself, they have taught me so much about patience, humility, curiosity, seeing everything with such innocence and wonderment. Go with an open heart. Eveything will be good!

  • I'm sure I will enjoy it once I start!

    LOL Nas, those books are still doing the rounds…the characters in munchkins books are Biff and Chip!!

  • I loved listening to the children read out loud. I loved the Biff and Chip books too so I got to chat about all the details in the pictures and chuckle at the absence of mobile phones!

    The thing which amazed me was how differently every single child interacted. I had to be so kind and respectful, ready with hankies and alert to every nuance of how they were. Sometimes the teacher would tell me to give a particular child extra tlc that day.

    Honestly I became a kinder, much less bossy parent as a result. The teachers always said they wished they were able to do the individual reading, which I thought was so sad, as surely some one on one time for the teachers and their own class should be an absolute priority. There's something I'd love to create a charity for, so the teachers can just spend time with the children with no actual requirements at all.

  • Yes, you are mad, but a wonderful mummy for doing this.
    Iman is a reading and computer buddy, and I love listening to her stories. I am sure you will make an impact in a kid's life.

    *Remember to take time for yourself tho'*

    Salam sis.