Sometimes being honest bites you in the backside

Yes I know honesty is the best policy and all that but today I am fuming and I really think I should have lied or kept my mouth shut. I am sometimes too honest for my own good.
We had a little bit of drama this morning with munchkin. Her dad, for once, was at home and when he is home she turns into daddy’s girl. In the past he has spoiled her by feeding her breakfast.
She wanted him to do that today and started coming up with excuses saying that her nose was running or she couldn’t get the cereal on her spoon. I put my foot down and said your dad is not feeding you seeing as you are almost 6 years old. Hubby knew I meant business so he just went upstairs to get ready for work. She got herself upset and when she gets upset she ends up making herself sick, especially if she has eaten.
Because she had had a runny nose yesterday and had had a slight temperature I decided to not send her to school to be on the safe side incase it was a bug and she infected other children.
I STUPIDLY told the school the whole story.
I was told to send her to school and if she was ill they would send her home.
I was not happy.
1) She has a runny nose
2) She did have a slight temperature
3) The poor thing had just been sick and I was NOT going to send her on an empty stomach and when she was so distraught
I told the school that I had already sent her to my mums and the attendance officer said she would have to mark it as an unauthorised absence.
Even when I am telling her she did have a slight temperature and I can’t be sure if it was her playing up or actually because she IS sick??
Now I do not usually get stroppy with the school as I do realise the importance of education; I do not keep my child off school on a whim.
When she realised I was getting slightly annoyed she agreed that she would not mark it as unauthorised this time but next time I will have to take her to the doctors. Yeah as if doctors do anything these days.
Munchkin sadly does not have an overly strong immune system and sadly does pick up colds quite quickly. It is not my fault if her attendance is a bit low.
If I get grief over this they won’t know what has hit them.Photobucket

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  • You are the parent, you decide. The school attendance officer will be doing the exact same thing when it comes to his/her own child going to school I sincerely hope. So will the GP!

    I hope your daughter recovers well in her own good time.

    By the way it is your decision whether to take your child to the doctor, consult over the phone or wait a day or so. We had this sort of fuss with the local primary school. Amazingly the secondary ds1 goes to is utterly different. We are treated with respect and intelligence. What a wonderful change.

  • I wish that more parents here were like you! My child has gone to school well and come home sick many times because other people chose to send their sick children to school instead of keeping them home. I'd have thought that the attendance officer herself would have been glad to not have been exposed to germs?!

  • Thanks Chloe, it is still making me angry. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    @globeonmytable: They are cracking down on attendances. If the childs attendance drops below 85% they are now immediately calling you for an interview. If I get called in for one I will tell them exactly what I think. The attendance officer is totally stuck up and thinks she is it – well she will get a taste of her own medicine if she continues to upset me. I understand its a job but talking down to parents it just asking for trouble.

    @Humayraa: exactly, I thought they would be happy that I was being careful. Just imagine if it HAD been a stomach bug and by sending her I passed it on to everyone.

  • been there…I guess it comes down to knowing you did the right thing. My kids got chicken pox because a parent hid it…in fact she never admitted it was her child who spread it.

    Doing right doesn't always feel good, but…