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Those of you who read my post here know that I am on a bit of a mission to get fit. I am happy to say that the mission is still ongoing and I haven’t yet given up. (I am actually surprised myself!!) I have been doing my workouts on the days I have scheduled them for.
A few months ago, (quite a few  months ago) I bought the Zumba Fitness game for the Wii. Since I purchased it my niece had one go and then it was placed in the cupboard, pretty much forgotten about.

Well yesterday I dug it out and dusted it off.
And I learnt that I have 2 left feet! I am totally uncoordinated and if I was brave enough I would video it to give you a laugh!
Ok maybe I am not as bad as I am making out but I was struggling with some of the steps. They do have tutorials so I went through them first. They initially start off slow with the steps being explained. So you do the steps thinking ‘Hey this isn’t so bad!’
But then the tempo starts becoming more and more upbeat and more and more steps are added without them really being explained. So you just have to watch the screen and try to pick it up. Cue moments of hysteria as my arms and legs were just about everywhere but not in the right places.
I finished all the tutorials but half the steps I still can’t do properly! Just doing the tutorials tired me out and I didn’t get much further…… I may have another go in the next few days.


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  • Salaam alaykum,

    Masha'Allah, already proud of you.
    although I never did Zumba I sort of understand how you feel. I did something similar once at the gym and also did uhh not everything as it should be dine.

    Insha'Allah you can continue and insha'Allah you'll notice some changes soon

    Umm Mini(too lazy to sign in.)

  • Thanks Salma! You should join the group….it certainly takes it out of you!

    Wa alaikum asalaam Umm mini, thank you for your comment….InshAllah I will continue….I have lasted longer than I usually do so that is a good sign!!

  • I have a Zumba tape too. It's not easy to keep up with those steps. It must be part of the training to persist and work through the rapidly changing moves. I didn't (persist), but maybe I will try again…

  • I have never tried zumba but I'm on day 3 of the 30 day shred, Jillian Michaels DVD and it's going well so far so hope I can keep it up for 30 days 🙂
    Zumba sounds really good though, I'd like to try it some day.

  • @Angelle you should have a go again. I haven't done it since Monday but planning to have another go this weekend.

    @Amalia there are loads of videos on Youtube that you can follow if you want to have a go.

  • Ooh very cool! I have some fitness dvds that haven't even made it into the dvd player yet. After reading this post I think I'll set myself the challenge of doing my 30 day shred dvd in the mornings before work (if the two alarms wake me on time!)
    Keep up the good work Foz and thank you for the kind words of motivation over on my post!!