Itchy and scratchy!!

Originally posted Sunday, 29 January 2012

Over a year ago I suddenly started itching. It would come on randomly and I would scratch like mad. It would ease for a while and then come back.
I initially thought it was the new duvet I had brought. So I stopped using it. When the itching wouldn’t stop I ended up going to the doctor.
Now I think my doctor is a waste of space. He does nothing. He kept asking me if I was stressed as that could bring on the itching. He annoyed me so much I turned round and said you are making me stressed by constantly asking me that. He said I would have to do trial and error to try to find out what I was allergic to (if anything!)
Trial and error…..ummmm…where do I start?!?
He did blood tests and nothing obvious showed up. He then put me on allergy tablets which did the trick. When I went back and said I am still itching when I come off the tablets he told me to take them daily instead of every 2-3 days when the itching got bad. However, when I took them daily I started feeling odd and breathless.
I went to see him again and he said he would send me to allergy testing but then the next time I went to see him he said there was no allergy testing available anywhere.
So I carried on taking the tablets.
As soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped taking them. Now I am back to itching and it is not nice. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because it is so bad.
I am trying to train myself to ignore it as really don’t want to take medication while pregnant.

Am planning to speak to the midwife about this when I see her. Maybe she will be able to help more than the doctor.Photobucket

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    HumayraaFeb 3, 2012 03:29 AM
    I wish that there was a way for you to do some allergy testing to determine exactly what it is that you're allergic to so that you could eliminate it from your life. I couldn't imagine having to live on anti-histamines for an itch of unknown origin. Hopefully the midwife is of some help, in shaa Allaah!