Review: Organix Goodies

Review: Organix Goodies

I always get slightly miffed when I miss the postman and I end up having to go to the depot. But this time, it was well worth going to collect the parcel. Bee had been sent some Organix Goodies to try out!

I am always looking out for healthier snacks for Bee to try and I was pleased to learn about these just after Bee turned one. I was slightly concerned that she may not like them because she has a mature taste and pretty much turns up her nose at anything that is baby food. But I was keen to try them.

Organix Goodies have a No Junk promise. Their range of Goodies are suitable from 12 months and avoid salt, processed sugars or nasty additives. The Goodies range includes cereals, oaty bars, biscuits and many more.

Review: Organix Goodies

As soon as I unpacked the box, Bee was over like a shot once she realised it was something to eat; she's a greedy little thing mashAllah. We received a box of cereal, some fruit gummies, soft oaty bars, crackers and squeezy tubes.

I gave her a packet of fruit gummies, mango and apple, and they went down a treat. She pretty much gobbled them up straight away, wouldn't share and wanted more once the packet was finished! So I'm guessing that is a total thumbs up from her!

What I personally love about these is that they count towards your 5 a day and they contain 100% organic fruit! So a perfect snack.

Review: Organix Goodies

We next tried the crackers. The crackers come 15 in a box and these had poppy seeds. I tried one myself before giving them to her and I was concerned she may find them a bit plain but no, they also went down really well too.

We received the raspberry flavour cereal. The cereal is made from a blend of wholegrains and flavoured with organic fruit powders. The cereal hasn't gone down as well as the other snacks but that, I believe, is more because she isn't a big eater in the mornings. However, she seems happier to eat them herself if I take them out of the milk and put them one by one on her tray. (She can be an odd child at times!)

Review: Organix Goodies

The oaty bars and squeezy tubes come 6 in a pack. And again these have the thumbs up from Bee. She seems particularly keen on the oaty bars, which are made with wholegrain oats and packed with fruit.


The snacks have gone down so well that we have already been out and purchased more, in different flavours. We love these snacks and there will be a supply in my bag for when we are out and about.



Disclaimer: I was sent Organix Goodies for free to review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  • We tried the gummies after your recommendation and they were a hit with missy! I also had her try the crackers but she wasn’t keen on eating them. She rather enjoyed breaking them up :-/

  • I used to buy them for myself!! I’ll definitely add them to my routine when Mister Pop is old enough to enjoy these healthy snacks.

    Love to you all. Take care Foz.

  • ah, thanks for this review. my girl has been finding my cereal bars during her cupboard raids and asking me to open them up for her. but i’m not keen on this because the sugar so i’m going to look out for these oaty bars on the next food shop.

  • Try Sainsburys they seem to stock more than asda! The gummies are being used as bribes these days. I can’t get her off my legs other wise LOL