Saturday Spotlight: British Muslim TV

As a Muslim and as a British Muslim, it can be difficult to come across programmes on television that I can relate to. Yes I watch the soaps and serials when I do have time but it would be nice to have something  that can deal with the issues and topics that relate to a British Muslim. There are some Islamic channels already, but my hubby seems to relate more to them being more traditional and not being a British Muslim as such.

So I was intrigued when I learnt of a new channel launching.

British Muslim TV


New TV channel launches for British Muslims, bursting with a range of engaging, entertaining and educational content.

British Muslim TV launched on 19th June 2014 and will provide a range of content that will ‘provide both Muslim and non-Muslim communities with news, views and insights into how British Muslims live today. With a focus on quality production, and through showcasing the best of British and the best of Muslim, the aim of the channel will be to make British Muslims feel confidently Muslim and comfortably British’.


Aamer Naeem, Editor in Chief for British Muslim TV, comments: 

“British Muslim TV will be such an incredible channel, offering viewers innovative and distinctively original productions.

“The channel isn’t just about issues of faith; it’s about practical Muslim life here in Britain. By also being inclusive of different views, we’re confident that the channel will be a leading platform to connect with the Muslim community very quickly, and help bring fragmented communities together.”


There is sure to be something to satisfy everyone. From cooking shows, to children’s programmes to documentaries. And for my fellow Muslim Sisters, there is sisters hour which is on from 6-7pm

Sister's hour British Muslim TV

British Muslim TV programme highlights:

Halal Kitchen

Chefs and special guests make cuisine from around the world and give tips on how to tackle those tricky dishes.

Teenie Vision

Fun and entertaining shows to help your kids play and learn.

Muslims of Britain

British Muslims share their views, based on their struggles and successes as a Muslim in British society.

Talking Booth

Join Lauren Booth as she gets to know some of Britain’s most influential Muslims.


Topical debate where expert guests take on issues facing British Muslims.

Friday Khutbah

Thank Allah it’s Friday with an inspirational sermon.

Ask the Alim

Renowned Scholars discuss religious issues and answer questions put to them.

Community Focus

Get inspired by UK-based organisations and support the projects they do locally – after all, charity begins at home.

Thank Allah it’s Friday

Start the weekend with a focus on learning through sermons and eye-catching animations.

Health Show

Look after yourself with our useful hints and tips to a healthier lifestyle.

Marriage Made in Britain

Successful Muslim couples share how they met and how their lives have been completed.


British Muslim TV is available on SKY 860 and will be broadcast 24 hours a day. It is also available online at www.BritishMuslim.TV

I look forward to seeing what else the channel offers as it becomes more established in sha Allah! You can also follow British Muslim TV on Facebook and Twitter

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  • I can’t say i have watched it at all, but for me Islam channel is just as “british”.
    What I do not understand is why we have to put a label on it, I don’t see channels saying British Christians or British Sikhs etc. There is no nationality in Islam we are simply Muslim. Yes I agree it’s good to hear what Muslim people contributed to England or importantly Islam but i still think the whole British should be avoided as I feel it’s to prove a point, but why is it we Muslims always need to explain or prove anything time and time again.