Top 5 Kid’s Toy Storage Ideas (Guest Post)

If your home is anything like mine it will have kid’s toys… EVERYWHERE.  On the lounge floor, all around the bath tub, on random stairs and all over the kid’s bedroom you’ll see plastic toys and gadgets cluttering up the place.

Apart from getting a bigger house to accommodate this avalanche of mess (it has crossed my mind!), I have found it’s very important to keep the kids toys, clothes and other items tidy and out of the way so things can be easily found, there is room to move and I’ll never again tread on a dreaded 2×2 piece of Lego!

Below are my top 5 tips for storing away kid’s toys:

1.  Bookcase / Shelving

In most kid’s bedrooms there’s a lot of floor space taken up but ample room if you look upwards.  Sturdy shelving (or a giant bookcase if your walls aren’t strong enough) allows you to utilise this space and also makes it really easy to find any item due to the shallow depth:


photo credit: champagne.chic via photopin cc
photo credit: champagne.chic via photopin cc

2.  Toy Boxes

Having a toy box allows you to clear away a whole range of toys in very little time, ideal if you’re tired and want to get the children to bed quickly.  The best thing about toy boxes is that they take up a finite space and can be easily slid into a gap on the floor, stacked up in a cupboard or even taken out to the garage or shed if they are weatherproof.

I love these cute baskets I found to store Bee's toys in
I love these cute baskets I found to store Bee’s toys in

3.  Storage Beds

A huge amount of space is available underneath a bed, yet it can be a forgotten dusty area full of old shoes, forgotten toys and odd socks.  Beds with in-built drawers beneath tend to break and get jammed up quickly so it may be worth investing in a storage bed if space is at a premium.  Flip up storage beds give ample room for toys, clothes and bedding, plus they nicely hide away the clutter in a dust free enclosure.

Sorage bed

4.  Tidy Away Time

Establishing a tidy away time for your child teaches them to be tidy and to be more organised.  This is best done an hour or so before bed-time or it can lead to a lot of tantrums!  After introducing this into their daily routine it soon becomes the norm and can lead to good habits later on in life, plus you save effort for other tasks for your family home or a well-deserved lie down.

Having a good tidy up routine before bed is ideal
Having a good tidy up routine before bed is ideal

5.  Less is more

Kids can become overwhelmed by the amount of toys they have and most will have hundreds that were never played with in the past year or so, do they need so many toys?  Reducing the number of toys not only reduces the amount of clutter it also forces the child to use their imagination more with a limited selection of ‘special’ toys they can become more attached towards.

Less toys may save you from this!  photo credit: cafemama via photopin cc
Less toys may save you from this!
photo credit: cafemama via photopin cc

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