Project 365 – Week 31



Day 208 – Decorated the house ready for Eid and went and got our henna done from a local shop. Was glad that we had prepared during the day as the announcement was made later that night that Eid was confirmed for Monday.


Scooter for Eid



Day 209 – Eid day! Spent most of it at my parents. Here is Munchkin learning to use her new scooter. You can see more pics in my Eid post.

Fun in the pool


Day 210 – Initially the plan had been to take the girls to London Zoo, but as my parents wanted to go aswell we put it off as they were tired from fasting and Eid day. So instead we went to a local farm to pick some fruit. Bee had fun and you can read about it on my fruit picking post. When we got home we got our pool out for the first time and the girls had fun. Even Rosie jumped onto the side to have a look into it.

Chilling in the swing


Day 211 – We needed a bit of a rest so spent most of the day at home just chilling in the garden.

Arm painting

Day 212 – Toddler group today. Munchkin got some daisies painted on her arm.

Water Fountain fun

Day 213 – Went into town to see Mike the Knight. Hadn’t realised it was a story telling session otherwise may not have bothered. Munchkin wasn’t too fussed and although Bee did initially get excited she then found it boring. Was annoyed at people shoving their older kids in front of the younger ones and then standing there too and blocking their view. So walked off before I got real angry. Went to the fountains and after initially watching some girls playing, Bee decided to join in and get soaked. And of course today was the day I hadn’t taken a change of clothes with me.


Day 214 – Miserable day, stuck indoors but to be honest don’t mind. So a quite day playing and chilling.


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  • i love your henna arm decoration so pretty and the little daisies on Munchkins’s arm. sometimes it is nice to have a day chilling at home isnt it – i am hoping to have one soon! i am off to read what Eid is x

  • Is Eid not just a set day in advance like Christmas Day is? Love the henna art, very well done, a nice talent to have.
    Lol at Rosie in at the pool, we use to have a cat that loved going in the bath with the girls .
    Im sure Bee would have dried off in the heat we have had lately

  • That’s an amazing henna tattoo, such great detail. I shall have a read of your Eid post. Sounds like you’ve had an especially busy week with lots of excitement. Superb photos 🙂