Project 365 – Week 50

Week 50Day 341 – Took Bee’s Toddlebike to the park for a test run and for the Toddlebike review. She loves that bike!

Day 342 – Bee snuck into Munchkin’s room while she was at school and got into her bed and started playing with her toys.

Day 343 – Bee can start nursery on the 5th January and the nursery manager and keyworker popped round for a home visit and gave her all these goodies. They were really impressed with her speech and what she already knew.

Day 344 – One of Rosie today – she has started trying to make us feel guilty when we eat. This is her sitting next to me while I was feeding Bee.

Day 345 – Bee’s toddler group today. She loves having a go at the puzzles.

Day 346 – Another one of Rosie. I was sitting on the floor and she came and lay next to me and grabbed my feet!

Day 347 – 9am horse riding lesson again. And my feet were literally frozen….. they now have space for weekly lessons instead of fortnightly so guess I will be freezing every Saturday morning now!

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