Project 365 – Days 25 to 31

Days 25 to 31


Day 25 – 25th January 2015

Sundays are usually a quiet chilled out day. Basically spent it at home chilling with the family. Rosie has started to sit in the conservatory and watch us as we cook from the other side of the window….greedy thing.

Day 26 – 26th January 2015 

Bee didn’t want to get up for nursery today. Gently tired to wake her up, picked her up and then she went back to sleep on my bed!

Day 27 – 27th January 2015

A few more weeks of craziness begins…work on converting the garage begins….and am back to tea making duty!

Day 28 – 28th January 2015

Hubby got me my first Easter Egg rather early lol! He knows I like mugs so got it for the mug!

Day 29 – 29th January 2015 

Had quite a heavy snow shower but to the kids dismay it didn’t settle ( I was pleased though). Bee stood in the window watching it and for some reason thought it was funny!

Day 30 – 30th January 2015

I ordered some summer clothes from Belle Vintage for our holiday to Pak. Bee of course had to try them on immediately and said they were beautiful!

Day 31 – 31st January 2015

Saturday and horse riding again. And then a quiet day at home as had a radiator being added to the conservatory and took them until the afternoon!

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