Project 365 – Days 340 to 346

Days 340 - 346

Day 340 – Sunday 6th December

A lazy pyjama day at home today. Munchkin got on with her homework while myself and Bee read some books.

Day 341 – Monday 7th December

I have been using hubby’s machine to check my sugar levels. Not looking good so made an appointment to see the doctor on Thursday. Now going to attempt to go to the gym every morning and get a treadmill for home.

Day 342 – Tuesday 8th December

Munchkin went to the National Space Centre in Leicester with school. For the first time she was allowed to take £5 spending money! She got so fossil type stones, a rubber and a little alien for her sister.

Day 343 – Wednesday 9th December

One of Rosie today. She loves that bag and always sits on it if she finds it on the floor!

Day 344 – Thursday 10th December

Went to the doctors. As I have had gestional diabetes in my pregnancies it is highly possible I have diabetes. However no sugar was found in my urine but then I have been healthy eating since the weekend. He suggested I have some blood tests done and after that possibly a glucose intolerance test. No appointments left in the surgery for a blood test until 23rd December so the nurse printed some forms for me to take to the City Clinic and get it done there. Then pooped round to my friend for a bit.

Day 345 – Friday 11th December

Blood tests first thing, hate needles! Results should be back by Wednesday. And my Yankee Candle advent calender arrived! I don’t celebrate Christmas but couldn’t resist these as they had had a price drop!

Day 346 – Saturday 12th December

Rainy day today! Spent it at home playing games and the girls played with some play dough that I had won.


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  • I love this series! Im always impressed every week that you still manage to keep it going, and still manage to to keep it interesting and diverse as well. Ive often wondered what I would take pic off on a daily basis if I ever decided to do something like this…but dont think id be able to sustain it, or to find anything anything worthy of a pic. Your pics are very creative, well done!!!

  • How nice of her to bring her sister something back.
    Oh dear with the diabetes, hope the blood test give you some answers.
    Quite right to treat yourself to the yankee candle, nothing religious about it so no real link to Christmas