Ramadan Book Reviews: My First Ramadan

My First Ramadan


My First Ramadan

Author: Karen Katz

It’s time for Ramadan to begin. Follow along with one young boy as he observes the Muslim holy month with his family. This year, he wants to try to fast like the grown-ups do.


This is becoming one of Bee’s favourites. It is colourful and the text is simple enough for her to understand when it is read to her. She loves the pictures and I love the simplicity of the little boy talking about his first Ramadan. All the basics are explained and includes basic pronunciation guides after the arabic words; ie suhoor (suh-HOOR).

The little boy talks about it being the first time he can fast as he is bigger. He explains about reading the Quran and why they fast. He explains about eating before sunrise and prayer, and then eating at sunset, going to the mosque to pray and finally celebrating with Eid four weeks later.

The story isn’t just about the little boy experiencing his first Ramadan but alot of facts are also included within  the book:

Before we sit down to eat, we wash our hands and eat a seet date, just like Muslims did almost 1,400 years ago.

This is when the prophet Muhammad first taught his followers to break their fast with a date and a sip of water.

What I particularly liked was the attempt to show how Muslims unite at Eid. It is a celebration for Muslims all over the world:

We gather the next day in the town square to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan.

I see Muslims from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, and South America.

My First Ramadan pictures

We are pleased to have this book as part of our collection. It includes all the basic elements that are an important part of Ramadan. The new moon, Quran, Suhoor, the five prayers, iftar and Eid.

A great way to also introduce other children not familiar with Muslims to Ramadan in a simple and colourful way which should appeal to all children. We loved the pretty patterns on the side of some of the pages.

My First Ramadan illustrations

You can purchase My First Ramadan via Amazon (affiliate link):


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