Project 365 – August 20 to August 26

Day 232 – Today we went to London to a halal food festival. Bee’s favourite was the milkshake and have to say mine was the ice cream and churro’s! Full review on the blog soon. Then while in London visited a sick relative in hospital who we visited a couple of weeks ago but sadly she was pretty drowsy and not entirely convinced she recognised us. Then popped to some other friends house.

Day 233 – A quiet day at home, playing with Lego and their other toys. Had some back pain so rested up.

Day 234 – One of those days where you just need some dessert! Back pain a bit worse..think it is a pulled muscle. Had been planning to see a friend in Leicester but didn’t fancy the drive with an aching back. Having to take painkillers to get some sleep.

Day 235 –  Another quiet day at home with just a visit to the parents. Worked on a book review on the blog: My First Book about the Quran.

Day 236 – Hubby was home and he decided to cook chicken manchurian again. Parents needed to go to the shops so took them and then a chilled out day at home.

Day 237 – Another quiet day at home….been having a lot of them! Back slightly better and worked on The Emoji Movie light up figures review.

Day 238 – Back a bit better so while the eldest was at horse riding took Bee to a local retail park as they were having a fun day; face painting, crazy golf and crafts.

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