Project 365 – August 27 to September 02

Day 239 – One of those days where I actually felt like running away from the kids…constant bickering that I had to shut myself in my room for a while before I lost it with them!

Day 240 – Took the girls out before they ended up killing each other!! We have a Railworld that we have never visited so decided to check it out. Has a lovely man made wildlife area too which is perfect to sit and relax in.

Day 241 – Hubby unexpectedly had a day off as his car needed fixing. He left it at the garage for them to sort out while we went to Wicksteed Park.

Day 242 – Took dad to see his consultant and she is really pleased with his progress as a couple of times this past year it didn’t look good for him. Hopefully he continues to remain stable. In the evening hubby came hime from work early and decided to eat out at the local buffet.

Day 243 – Had to purchase the eldest’s school uniform with the logo from the school…so expensive! And then in the evening got our henna done ready for Eid.

Day 244 – Eid day…cooking, eating, playing and a trip to the local farm for some fruit picking

Day 245 – One of those days where you just need a treat. Relatively quiet day today..can’t believe the holidays are almost over!

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