Project 365 – December 10 to December 16


Day 345 – Woke up to snow! Bee of course was completely excited. The last time it snowed like this was when she was a baby and still needed help sitting up. Of course she wanted to go out immediately and make a snowman.

Day 346 – Thankfully most of the snow had melted so the roads weren’t to bad and the pavements outside school were clear. Helped sort out the Christmas cards in school for the kids and then it was about keeping warm…and chocolate!

Day 347 – Bee’s last Rainbow session for this month. She has only been going for about 5 weeks but has been loving it. She got a present from the Rainbow leaders. Got my hair cut and coloured in the morning but no-one at home noticed!

Day 348 – Final karate session today before we break up for the hols. She received Class Star. Also met up with some friends for some lunch.

Day 349 – A quiet day at home, general tidying up. Spotted this popcorn yesterday when took the parents shopping so had to get it. It’s actually pretty nice.

Day 350 – Met up with an old school friend today who is also a Body Shop rep. Had ordered some items from her and we decided to meet up in Costa and have a catch up.

Day 351 – A cold morning. Bee at mosque for her classes and eldest at horse riding. Think the horses were cold too as couple seemed to have snotty noses! Then in the afternoon/evening it’s been about chilling and watching some TV.

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