Treat Yourself with a Mystery Box from Modestrove London

Everyone needs a treat and a pick me up now and then…and what better way then a Mystery Box from Modestrove.

Modestrove London Mystery Box

Modestrove London describes itself as ‘The Global House of Modest for Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and All Delightful Wonders!’

Modestrove London stock a variety of items, from hijabs and clothing to makeup and stationary… something to suit almost everybody! So when I was offered the chance to review their Mystery Box I couldn’t resist….Just to see what was actually in it!

The Mystery Box comes available in different price ranges, so there is sure to be one to suit every budget. Prices range from £10 to £100.


The Mystery Box items come well packaged in a sturdy box. The simplicity of the box and the colours make it appealing and you can keep the box to store items afterwards. The items are beautifully packed in the box in paper with the Modestrove logo.

Modestrove Mystery Box open

Whats in the Box?

You can get a peek at the items on my video of the unboxing:


In the box was:

  • Moreisa Lip Matte
  • Modest Mecca Travel Pack
  • 3 Hijabs

Moreisa Sail with a Kiss Lip Matte in Cocoa Colada

The Moreisa range is halal, free from animal cruelty and vegan. And the surprise is that it is also strawberry scented.

Modest Mecca Travel Pack

The kit consists of all-in-one cream (moisturizer lotion with SPF), shampoo (plus conditioner), facial cleanser, lip balm, purify body soap, aromatherapy oil and wudhu’ spray, The products are again free from animal cruelty, halal and natural.


In the Mystery Box there were 2 hijabs form The Veiled Vogue range and 1 hijab from Modest BE.

The Veiled Vogue in Dusty Rose from the Crystalline range – This is a chiffon hijab measuring 175cm by 70cm.

The Veiled Vogue in Navy Blue from the Opal Range – This is jersey material (95% Viscose, 5% Elastane) and measurements are 190cm by 70cm. 

Modest BE Soft Crinkled Shawl in Tint Green – This shawl is crepe and measures 180cm by 70cm

All 3 hijabs are a good size enabling you to style them and are very good quality. Am pleased to have this hijabs in my ‘hijab collection’. You can never have too many hijabs right?

Modestrove London Mystery box items

The Mystery Box is perfect to treat yourself or even to give as a gift. Who doesn’t like surprises?

If you like the idea of the Mystery Box and want to order one for yourself or a friend the you can do so on the Modestrove London website: Modestrove London Mystery Box.


Disclosure: I was sent the Mystery Box for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  • I’ve never heard of Modestrove until this post, thanks!
    Their mystery box seems a nice pick me up treat if you wanna spoil yourself or the perfect gift if you want to surprise somebody (&yourself)
    I love the Mecca pack very thoughtful… but want to know more about this wudhu spray?

      • When I went to Hajj I saw a sister use something like the wudu spray. The wudu area is outside of the mosque, and it was before Jummah salat, and the Mosque was PACKED! So instead of going out and losing her spot and having to pray outside, she made wudu where she was seated using her wudu spray. I guess it is for those times when you don’t have water or is hard to make wudu.

  • Treat yourself!
    It’s so important. It’s what we should do and always forget to, in the middle of our crazy lives.
    Have a lovely ME time Foz.

  • The mecca pack is so interesting! Did you pick it as part of your box? I know its called a mystery box but it’s interesting how or why they would send you a mecca pack unless they know your travelling there…

  • This is such a great gift idea! Or perhaps a way to cheer yourself up 🙂 I love surprises and goody boxes! I’d never heard of this brand until now. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I have heard of Modestrove before, and love their selection of hijabs. the mystery box is such a great idea. And would make a wonderful gift. I love the modest Mecca travel pack.