Project 365 for 2019 – Week 1

And here we go again! Year 6 of Project 365! Can’t believe I have been doing this since 2013! (edit, just realised its actually my 7th year!)

Day 1 – Tuesday 1st January

It was Dad’s 79th birthday. Hadn’t organised a cake but luckily a local business was able to get some cupcakes done for me at short notice. She did offer to do a cake but to be honest the cupcakes are fine otherwise dad eats too much sweet stuff and he shouldn’t. Always grateful to see another birthday of dad’s after he was diagnosed with his illness.


Day 2 – Wednesday 2nd January

Hubby took today off work and we decided to take a trip to Southall in London to eat. The girls go back to school tomorrow so it was a final treat for them before we get back to our daily routine.


Day 3 – Thursday 3rd January

Back to school for both girls. Was a bit hard getting up and getting ready as we were used to the slower morning starts. While they were at school. I completed by latest blog post about our favourite Islamic kids books of 2018. Then after school we went late night shopping as I had broken the zip on my coat and needed a new one. Asked Bee to stand by the Christmas tree to have a picture before its taken down and she was a bit annoyed saying ‘but we don’t celebrate it!’


Day 5 – Friday 5th January

Went to my electrolysis appointment. Cancelled 2 over the holidays as the kids and then I was sick. Then had a quiet day at home until it was time to collect the kids. Rosie laid claim to my new coat…hadn’t even worn it outside yet and ended up with cat hair on it.


Day 6 – Saturday 6th January

First karate lesson of the year. Think she was happy to go back and see her teachers. I thought she would miss her old karate place but she is loving this place…will see what the year brings and see how she does.

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