Project 365 for 2019 – Week 2

Day 7 – Sunday 7th January

Finally went back to the stables after about a month. Due to sickness eldest missed a couple of lessons. Said hello to the horses and treated the ones in the stables to polos.

Child climbing on fence in stables with horses in the background


Day 8 – Monday 8th January

After school and Bee’s quran class we finished her school homework which was about seasons.


Day 9 – Tuesday 9th January

Determined to get exercising. My weight has gone up slightly which is having a negative effect on my blood sugar levels (my love of dessert doesn’t help either). Managed to get one of the mums on the school run to come with me to the class. We both realised how unfit we were and tried not to look at each other or we would start laughing. Was fun!

Picture of trainers


Day 10 – Wednesday 10th January

It is science week at Bee’s school and today it was dress up as a mad scientist today. She had a lab coat from when she did science club last term so added a wig to it for her to go as a mad scientist.


Day 10 – Thursday 10th January

Had a Governor day at school today so was at the school all day. In the evening before taking Bee to karate got a bit worried. It looked like Rosie was having a seizure…or possibly just a cramp of some sort. She was alert but her back leg was stiff and she couldn’t walk…then her front paws looked like they were getting stiff. It didn’t last long…but keeping an eye on her and if it happens again will take her to the vet. She seemed fine after.


Day 11 – Friday 11th January

A quiet day while the girls at school. Had my electrolysis appointment in the morning and then just chilled. Had a lazy evening and Bee read her book….she is so much like her sister in that they both love reading


Day 12 – Saturday 12th January

Bee’s karate class in the morning and eldest’s Urdu lesson. Had lunch at mums and tried to get their budgies out to exercise their wings. However they prefer their cage and even after grabbing them and getting them out they are usually back in the cage within a couple of minutes!

Picture of light blue budgie with yellow face

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