Storage Ideas for a Small Home

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Our home is relatively small…so much so that in order to have more space we added a conservatory and also converted the garage into a bedroom. However this doesn’t mean we now have plenty of the girls grow, so do the amount of things they own. So we have had to think of ways to maximise the space and to help keep things tidy….although I am still forever saying tidy your bedrooms!

Living Room

Our living room only really has space for a 3 seater sofa and an armchair. Anything more and it looks cluttered. However if you are in need of more storage then some sofa’s do come with a handy storage area so it might be worth considering. If you have space for a shelving unit then find one that maximises the space you have.


Most homes will have a hallway and you can really make use of this space. Especially when it comes to shoe and boot storage. As a family with 3 females then clearly shoes are going to feature heavily. Rather than them lying around everywhere, a metal shoe stand or a wooden box unit is ideal.

This Wooden Box Unit from Cox & Cox is stylish with space for a number of shoes. Image courtesy of Cox & Cox.
Under the Stairs

Maximise the space under the stairs by putting some kind of unit there…the Wooden Box Unit would be perfect there. Alternatively turn the space into a cupboard area with shelves and drawers.

Childrens Bedroom

One of our bedrooms is a small box room so we have had to be creative with space. One of the ways we have achieved this is by looking at how we can maximise storage. The best option for us was to have a mid sleeper with storage space underneath. Under the bed a pull out desk, a chest of drawers, and a small bookcase fit comfortably, therefore allowing you to have 3 extra items you may not necessarily have space for. Alternatively you can just use the mid sleeper without the extra items and store toys underneath for a play area.

If you do have a spare part of a wall then a shelving unit is also ideal to keep keep things tidy but kept also on display and accessible for when your children may need the items on there.


Again our bathroom is pretty small with enough space for a laundry basket and not much else. However, under sink storage is useful as it helps store all your bathroom products and give the bathroom a much tidier feel. If you have a pedestal sink then you can get stand alone cabinets to fit round the pedestal.


You can help make your kitchen tidier while leaving the counter free with the use of shelving if you have walls free. You can also hang utensils from under the cupboard or on the wall if you are lacking space in the cupboards and drawers. This makes the utensils even more accessible in addition to being tidy.


Everyone is looking for ways to keep their homes tidier.  Do you have any tips for keeping your house tidy and maximising storage space?


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  • This can be tricky at times. And we need to think about things a bit more…
    I do use boxes a lot for toys. You can put them on top of the others with labels on them, so kids can find whatever they want easily. And you save space – not much but a bit.
    Have a lovely week Foz
    Marie Kléber recently posted…Let me be…meMy Profile

  • This is such a great post! I think Marie Kondo with her KonMarie method has helped people to find joy in tidying up and I know despite regular clear outs, I definitely have too much stuff so I can imagine with 2 children how much that would be!

    All great tips and I need that shoe rack because it’s so pretty Mashallah!

  • Yes, the KonMarie method is great for organisation and minimalism in general is a better lifestyle. We’ve learnt to be more minimal to avoid having clear outs all the time. We are 4 sisters in a family of 7 (plus a cat!) so you can imagine the size of our clear outs!