Monthly Gratitude – February 2019

Another month ends and time for the second gratitude post of 2019.

If I am honest I have struggled slightly as to what to write about, for most of this month I have had cold/flu symptoms and 3 weeks later still have a lingering cough. But even while ill, there are still things to be grateful for.


I know I often mention family in my posts and I did focus on family in my January post, but they are something to be grateful for every day. I was grateful for my nephew who when I was really badly ill the first week, drove around picking up the girls from school and taking them to their clubs on the days he wasn’t at work. My family may be small these days with just my parents, brother and nephew around and I wouldn’t say we are the closest family….but we are then when we need each other.

I was also grateful for my husband who took the first day off when I got really ill to take the girls to school etc. However he does need to work and couldn’t take more days off…he offered to come home early from work but I told him I would manage.


Yes I was sick for most of February but alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah it was nothing serious and just a cold virus. My moaning was put into perspective when I heard a relative was ill again….she is back in hospital and it’s not looking good. May Allah (swt) grant her shiffa, Ameen. But it reminded me a cold is nothing, and we complain a bit too easily if we get a few sniffles and coughs.


As a child I wasn’t allowed to do much, it was just going to school and home. This month I booked my eldest for a private horse riding lesson so I could got watch and take some pictures. Seeing how much joy she gets out of horse riding made me realise that not only is she lucky she gets these lessons, but we are lucky in that I can provide these experiences for my girls. So alhamdulillah for being able to take my girls to their clubs and allow them to experience different things, things that I would have loved to as a child. While the eldest was enjoying her horse riding, the youngest managed to get her orange belt in karate alhamdulillah.


What are you grateful for this month? Why not tell me in the comments or join in with our blog hop?

Monthly gratitude



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