Project 365 for 2019 – Week 9

A pretty uneventful week to be honest.

Day 55 – Sunday 24th February

The sunny days tempted us to go to the garden centre to see what plants were there. There wasn’t a huge variety so didn’t get many plants…..will wait until next month. I really want to get a water fountain though…but they aren’t cheap!


Day 56 – Monday 25th February

A quiet day at home. I put out some seeds I got yesterday for the birds, after a robin sat and chirped at me while I was gardening on Saturday. Not sure if the birds will come to be honest seeing as I have a cat but have placed it high up so will see….and put some on the bird table we have but never use.


Day 57 – Tuesday 26th February

After 2 weeks finally went to kick boxing. Wasn’t sure I would end up going as had a coughing fit again in the morning but decided to go and see how I went. Ended up buying some boxing gloves as really didn’t like using their gloves as they smelt pretty bad. Was a bit miffed as thought I would get the gloves free as per their advertisement saying if you signed up after the free trial you would get free gloves…but apparently the gloves were free only if you signed up for twice a week. Felt that was a bit of false advertising as that wasn’t made clear…. but couldn’t be bothered to argue. Then in the afternoon went to school to read with the kids.


Day 58 – Wednesday 27th February

Had my Quran class in the morning where we had a small mock test so some last minute cramming in the morning. And then Bee had her parents evening after school. Her teacher had nothing but praise for  her, said she is confident, determined, eager to please and strong minded! Really pleased with how she is doing…and the teacher is confident that she will be advanced in everything by the time she leaves.


Day 59 – Thursday 28th February

A quiet day today. Caught up with some blogging, cooked a curry for the evening and didn’t do much else except to take the kids to school and their clubs. This is my orchid plant that I left at my parents house last year when I went away on holiday and then never brought back home. Ended up leaving it there as I don’t have much success with orchids but they looked after it well and it has flowered again.


Day 60 – Friday 1st March

Bee’s school were taking part in the local drama festival and I was asked to go along in the coach to help out. Bee was performing so I would have had to go anyway and meet them there. This way I didn’t have to worry about parking etc! The kids did amazingly well. Bee was part of the choral speaking group and they came second. The photo is of a tree outside Bee’s school – I love them and in the street opposite the school there are many more.


Day 61 – Saturday 2nd March

Bee’s karate was cancelled as some event was being held at the gym and they had to set up. So was hoping for a bit of a lie in. However hubby’s hayfever has kicked in and I got woken up by him at 7am coughing and sneezing. After eldest’s urdu class I made them pancakes as Bee as has been asking for some for a while and why wait till pancake day! Then an old school friend popped round with her daughter in the afternoon ….we have known each other since we were 4. The girls had a lovely afternoon and got on really well. I started doing some decluttering last night and did some this morning too…these are some of the books from my school/uni days and just haven’t got the heart to get rid….so need to find space for them.

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