Yoshi’s Crafted World Easter Egg Hunt at Kidzania

Disclosure: We received complimentary tickets to Kidzania to take part in the Easter Egg Hunt

We don’t own a Nintendo Switch but I have been thinking to get the girls one. So this was the perfect opportunity to try the switch and also have a play on the new game at Kidzania.

To celebrate the launch of Yoshi’s Crafted World on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has teamed up with KidZania at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush this Easter holiday for an exclusive Easter Egg Hunt featuring the beloved character from the Nintendo franchise, open from Monday 8th April to Sunday 21st April.

Yoshi’s Easter Egg Hunt is included in the ticket price for Kidzania and it isn’t too far from the entrance.

Easter Egg Hunt

You first get a chance to go in and have a 10 minute play on Yoshi’s Crafted World. The girls were soon engrossed in the game and were clearly enjoying it.

When the time is up you then get sent on the Easter Egg Hunt. Dotted around the ground floor of Kidzania are pictures of eggs with letters. On the sheet you are given clues as to where the eggs are located. Once you have collected all the letters you have to unscramble the letters to make a word. When that is completed you return to the Nintendo station to receive your certificate and some KidZo’s (Kidzania money you earn).

The clues were pretty clear and we managed to find all the eggs in a relatively short space of time. The final word also didn’t take us too long to unscramble.

In addition to this if you take a picture, upload it to Instagram with the hashtags #kidzania and #yoshiscraftedworld you run the chance of winning a Nintendo Switch.

If you are in London over the Easter Holidays then why not pop along to Kidzania and take part in the Easter Egg Hunt? You can enjoy the rest of Kidzania too! The easter egg hunt is running until the 21st April!

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  • salaam
    I would like to comment that we has a muslim ummah do not celebrate such occasions like easter it is haram to promote an occasion which is not halal.
    you should be promoting ramazan as our next comming muslim event is just around the corner to children so they can understand the deem more.

    • Wsalaam. You really should be careful when throwing around the ‘haraam’ word. I have not said go and celebrate Easter, nor have I said go to church or pray, or observe Lent. It’s walking around a kids place finding eggs. My youngest doesn’t even fully understand what Easter is.

      And if you read my blog and actually know me you would know I do a lot when it comes to Ramadan and my children know a lot about it.