Project 365 for 2019 – Week 29

Day 196 – Sunday 14th July 

Our local theatre shows films at a fraction of the price at the cinema so I booked us in to see The Secret Life of Pets 2 for just £3 a ticket each. Ok we might not have the comfy seats or the whole cinema experience…but saves on the wallet because the snacks weren’t a total rip off either! The girls loved the film!


Day 197 – Monday 15th July

Met up with some ex work colleagues and friends for a spot of lunch. While in town I got some thank you cards and gift bags for Bee’s teachers gifts. Will be gifting them some sanctuary spa products we were sent. Then started on a blog post which I have been sitting on for a while for personalised gifts.


Day 198 – Tuesday 16th July

It was the eldest’s sports day. I didn’t go to it as not many parents do go…because it is an all day event and you just don’t know when you child will be taking part. She only ended up doing 3 main events in addition to an inflatable obstacle course. She got third in the 800m and 2nd in the 300m. She lost in the relay as she said the other girls were slow! Treated her to a Costa as a well done after school while Bee was at her Quran class.


Day 199 – Wednesday 17th July

I had saved myself a couple chocolate chip roll things for my breakfast in the morning. I woke up to find hubby had scoffed them before work! So it was an excuse to treat myself to breakfast. Then by the time had done some cooking and cleaning it was time to do the school runs. Took the eldest to sports direct after school as she needed a light jacket to take with her to London tomorrow as it was forecast rain (but hot) and she only has a winter jacket.


Day 200 – Thursday 18th July

Eldest has a day trip to London with the volunteer police cadets. Although she has only been a member for a few weeks they invited everyone. But I was not happy in the morning. The letters we had received mentioning the trip said 7-7. The kids were told they would depart at 7.30am and back around 6pm. To be safe I got her to school at 7.00am. The coach arrived at 7.10am. We sat there in my car for ages and staff turned up at 7.45……and hung around until another staff member turned up around 8am. As I had no idea when they would actually be back I had told the eldest to text me when they got back into Peterborough.

In the afternoon went to Bee’s special shine time assembly saying goodbye to Year 1. And spent some time in her Year 1 class with her for the final time.

In other news my London Bridge Challenges pack arrived which made it all feel real! So far managed to get sponsorship of £145 and would love to get more. If you would like to sponsor me the link is:


Day 201 – Friday 19th July

A quiet day. Had my electrolysis appointment in the morning, did some blog stuff related to the Muslimah Bloggers community I run…and scoffed chocolate my hubby had got me earlier in the week. It was the eldest’s final day at school today. Bee still has 2 more days to go but got her report today…was really proud of her and the comments she got: Popular member of class….sunny personality and wonderful smile…..caring and trustworthy….always keen to help or take on a role of responsibility….determined approach…hard working…great will to succeed!


Day 202 – Saturday 20th July

Hubby had got the decorator in as I had been talking about starting the painting myself…but then didn’t want to tackle the stairs. However that kind of wrecked my plans a bit….Bee ended up missing karate bu my nephew took the eldest to her Urdu class and brought her back home later bringing pizza because the decorator was painting the kitchen roof. The decorator left at 4pm which gave us a chance to get to B&Q to grab some filler which the decorator needed tomorrow…and then pop to a fun day in aid of Cystic Fibrosis which was ending at 6pm. It was busy…and stuffy..we basically just got some drinks, sweets, did the lucky dip, and Bee got some henna done and went on the inflatables for a bit. Then we got some ice cream from the ice cream van outside as the ice cream roll stand was packed so we didn’t get a look in! There didn’t appear to be an organised queue so we had given up.


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  • well done to the eldest on her medals.
    Love those dark choc Lindt. Was annoyed at hubby last week as he finished my dark choc buttons, I had been eating 1 or 2 a day and went for some and they were finished – he says they were horrible as he hates dark choc, but he finished them regardless
    Hope she enjoyed London, what a waste of time waiting the hour on the bus leaving

  • I’ve been so many trailers of Secret Life of Pets and I haven’t even seen its first part yet! The gift bag looks stylish. Congrats on your daughter’s winning in Sports Day! It’s an amazing feeling when one’s hard work pays off. The trip with volunteer police cadets sounds interesting and I checked out what the London Bridges Challenge was about and I sounds amazing! I love Lindt chocolate (there’s also a red chilli flavour. I wonder how that tastes like).
    Your eldest is learning Urdu??

  • It sounds like a very busy week. Very well done to your eldest for sports day, no wonder you were proud! That must have been frustrating with the trip. We’ve had trips like that where the teacher or even the coach arrives at the last minute, or a child arrives an hour late!
    Hope you are all enjoying the start of the summer holidays.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Bridge of Clay by Markus ZusakMy Profile

  • I think cinema prices especially for snacks are a rip off and tend to only go when they have offers on. Well done to your eldest on sports day, I never went when the kids started secondary school and a good report for bee also. Shame about the school trip, I hate it when things are so disorganised. Love the henna, keep meaning to treat myself