Week 11 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 68 – 8th March

There was a biggish karate competition today which I wasn’t expecting Bee to attend until her friend asked her last week if she was attending. Once she realised most of her good karate friends were going she said she wanted to. She kept changing her mind and she finally decided she definitely wanted to go. Even when we arrived I made sure she wanted to do it as I knew it could be tougher than she was expecting. We had to register before 9.45am and there was a lot of hanging about until her fight just after 12. She came third out of about 7…there were some tears after one fight with a boy but she did really well for her first big competition. She has said she never wants to do it again but she usually changes her mind. As soon as we got home, she changed and then we headed off to London to do some shopping for a wedding we have to go to at the end of the month.

Monday Day 69 – 9th March

Was extremely tired after the long day we had yesterday so had a bit of a slow day. Did a IGTV video review of a new Ramadan Journal we were sent and not much else.

Tuesday Day 70 – 10th March

Bee brought home some sunflower seeds yesterday from school which we had to plant as part of her homework. But as she had Quran class and karate after school yesterday we didn’t get a chance to plant them. Thankfully I had some compost at home so planted them today. Bee decided she wanted to do a video diary so I had to plant her filming the seeds and then will do one in a few days and when it finally grows (hopefully!) Hope they grow soon as she has until the 26th to complete the homework. The photo is of a screen shot of the video.

Wednesday Day 71 – 11th March

A quiet day at home, general cleaning and tidying. Tried out another herbal tea. This one wasn’t too bad. Then a Full Governors meeting in the evening. Left the girls at the parents and then hubby collected them on his way home from work as the meeting didn’t finish until 8pm.

Thursday Day 72 – 12th March

Hubby was off work today and went to do our shop. Decided to get a little bit extra just incase as a lot of shelves were empty! Couldn’t find any pasta and actually needed pasta. Managed to find the elusive toilet roll at the cash and carry.

Friday Day 73 – 13th March

A soft play and activity centre opened yesterday at a local shopping centre and the official launch was today. We had been invited with a group of friends to go before it opened but they weren’t ready in time so we were invited to the launch party instead. However it was crazy busy due to school kids being there too to cut the ribbon. The place wasn’t big anyway so there was barely space to move for the adults and limited seating space. But the kids had fun, especially when it calmed down a bit as people started leaving.

Saturday Day 74 – 14th March

Bee didn’t have karate this morning because there was a boxing event being held. It was nice to have a leisurely morning. Got Bee to plant some seeds and I started on the weeding in the garden.

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