Review: Rafiq and Friends, Making Ramadan Special for Kids

Disclaimer: We received some products from Rafiq and Friends for the purposes of this post.

We are almost at the end of Ramadan and I am sure many parents with young children have likely found it challenging at times. When you are trying to fast up to 16/17 hours a day, possibly working, preparing food to open the fast with and also making time for extra ibadah, it can be difficult to keep the children entertained and experience the spirit of Ramadan. However we discovered something this Ramadan that may help make Ramadan special for your children in future years.

Enter Rafiq & Friends. This one of a kind book and activity set is designed to make Ramadan a festive time in the home and give children engaging and fun lessons on the blessings of Ramadan. With the simple model of “faith starts at home,” the creators of Rafiq & Friends focused on allowing children to be active participants of Ramadan by creating a date serving plate so kids could help break their parents’ fast every night.

Rafiq & Friends isn’t just a book ‘The Ramadan Date Palm’ but also comes with a Rafiq plush toy, a date plate and 35 activity cards. The activity cards are for each night of Ramadan and the extra ones are in preparation for the first day and then for Eid.

In addition to the physical products, parents also gain exclusive access to on-line activities and crafts that engage them for the whole month.

Rafiq & Friends The Ramadan Date Palm illustrated book.

The book (along with the other associated activities) are aimed at children aged 3-9.

In the book you meet Rafiq, the date palm who shares his story with you. Ramadan is explained in a fun and beautifully illustrated way, with the help of a sheep called Najjah. The basics are mentioned such as fasting, going to the masjid and making salat. Reciting the Quran is also mentioned. I have to mention here that the book states that during the month of Ramadan Allah taught the Prophet (pbuh) the full Quran. However there does seem to be a difference of opinion regarding this and that the majority of scholars state that the Quran was revealed over 23 years.

There is also a useful glossary at the end explaining some of the arabic words used throughout the book.

35 Activity Cards and Date Plate

What makes this book different is that it also comes with activity cards and a date plate. The plate is mentioned in the book and encourages the children to help their parents break their fast with dates using the plate.

In addition to the 30 days of Ramadan cards, there is a card for the night before Ramadan and then activity cards for Eid. To get the whole benefit of the book and activity cards, there has to be parental involvement. This makes it into a fun family activity to do. For example, the first card for the night before Ramadan, encourages the child to ask their parents to read surah 2, verse 185 of the Quran to see what the Quran says bout sighting the Ramadan moon.

Other activities include instructions on how to make Graham Cracker Cream Dates, jokes to share with friends and there are also activities to do on their website.

Plush Toy

Adding a plush toy to the package is such a wonderful idea. Children love plush toys and this way they can genuinely visual Rafiq the date palm. With his cheerful face he is sure to be loved by children. (Even our cat was curious!)

The best thing about this is that it can all be packed away and used each Ramadan. The activity cards could become a yearly family tradition and help with the Ramadan spirit in the home.

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