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With Hajj season around the corner I thought it would be good to get the girls a board game related to Hajj. For my readers that do not know what the Hajj is, it is a pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims should perform if they can afford to do so.

Hajj Fun Game is the main one we found.

The game is recommended for ages 8 and up and describes itself as:

The Hajj Fun Game offers you entertainment and fun and at the same time makes it easy for you to learn the meaning and message of Hajj and to acquire a knowledge of the important historical places associated with it. it will enable you to learn how the acts and tires are performed during Hajj and what its dos and dont’s are. In short, the Hajj Fun Game will bring alive the annual pilgrimage of Hajj.


  • 1 gameplay board
  • 50 Question-Answer cards which are divided into three categories
  • 50 Reward cards which each carry 10 points
  • 4 pawns
  • Hajj and Umrah at a Glance sheet

How to Play

2 or more players are needed to play and you can even play in family/friends teams. The aim of the game is to answer as many correct questions as you can and score the most points.

Play itself is simple. All players place their pawns on the centre hexagon, the Kaaba. Once you have decided the players order of play, it is a simple matter of moving your pawn in one step in ANY direction. The colour you land on corresponds to the category your question is; red, blue or green.

If you get the question right, you get a 10 point reward card. If not, then the next player makes their move. Play ends when all the question cards have been exhausted or when the reward cards are exhausted. The winner is the one with the most reward points.

Our Thoughts

With our knowledge of the Hajj currently not very detailed, the girls found it hard to score points. We did find a lot of the questions complicated such as the diameter of the Black Stone and the specific names of the four corners of the Kaaba. However the game is a starting point to learn about the hajj. So even though we were pretty much getting every question wrong, we were learning the answers and should have a better game next time by remembering the answers!

Quality wise of the game, I was extremely disappointed with the reward points. They were made out of flimsy cardboard which can easily get folded, damaged and ripped. It would have been better if they were studier…maybe made out of plastic in the shape of coins.

The Hajj and Umrah at a glance sheet is a useful addition to the board game as it is packed full of information. It will help provide answers to some of the questions.

If you like the look of the game then it can be found on Amazon (affiliate link).

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