Week 24 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 159 – 7th June

Another week of not doing much to be honest.

Not much happening today really….bit of TV time and hubby treated us to ice cream.

Monday Day 160 – 8th June

Been after some Pakistani mangoes for a while since I heard they had arrived last week….hubby finally got a box. I can’t eat a lot as they play havoc with my sugar levels but have to have at least one!

Tuesday Day 161 – 9th June

Bit of exploring in the garden with Bee for the 30 Days Wild Challenge. Found some Bee’s and we watched them and learnt a bit about them. Rosie was after the birds in the next door neighbours tree.

Wednesday Day 162 – 10th June

First day of feeling really off. Not sure if its a side effect of the meds but felt really down and tired and snappy. Think it was a combination of the lockdown, drastically reducing my sugar intake and the meds. Spent most of the day hiding in my room. Finished advertising the post about toota – cheating with the picture as it was taken some time ago for the post. If anyone wants to get 40 mins free 1-1 Maths tuition for their children then read my post about maths tuition with toota.

Thursday Day 163 – 11th June

Another day where I just hid away in my room for most of the day. Had just had enough of everything. Told eldest to sort her room out as it was a mess and the cat took over one of the empty baskets. Took Bee for a karate session.

Friday Day 164 – 12th June

Felt rubbish today as well. Think the weather doesn’t help either as its been horrible, rainy and cold. Took Bee for another karate session today…didn’t really take a picture of anything except for the cat again.

Saturday Day 165 – 13th June

Finally a bit of sun. Helped improve my mood a bit. Spent a lot of time in the garden reading, while Bee played with her lego for a bit. The eldest made some more muffins today.

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