Review: Harry Potter Magical Capsules – Unboxing Magic!

Disclosure: We received a Harry Potter magical Capsule from Kaptoys for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I recently sat down and watched all the Harry Potter films again with my eldest which brought back the excitement of Harry Potter into the house again. And any Harry Potter fans are sure to love these new magical capsules available from all major toy stores and Tesco from mid July -SRP: £9.99.

The Magical Capsules

Each bronze Hogwarts Crest contains a character from the Harry Potter series and there are 10 characters to collect in Series 1, including 1 rare character and 1 ultra-rare.

Unboxing the Capsule

Part of the magic of the capsules is the unboxing itself. It is not a straightforward unwrap and reveal, but you are provided with clues to get you to guess your character. You have 3 separate compartments to the crest, which reveal clues to the identity of your character.

Compartment 1

In compartment one you will find a surprise colour coded clue which requires heat to reveal which House your character belongs to. Rub the crest to reveal the colour!

Red gave us the clue that it was someone from Gryffindor! Our favourite house!

Compartment 2

The next clue involves water! Dip the clue into water to reveal the name of a spell. Which character would you associate more with this spell?

Compartment 3

Open compartment 3 to reveal 5 sealed packets and a checklist of characters. Make sure you don’t open the biggest one until last!

By now you should have a rough idea of who your character is and by opening up the packets you will find out if you are right!

Did you guess who our character was from the clues?

Our character was….Harry Potter himself! He came with his letter, wand, owl and suitcase.

The capsules certainly do bring some excitement as you try to guess who the character is! And Harry Potter fans will love collecting all the characters in the series.

The Magical Capsules offer a brand new way to unbox and collect the enchanting creatures and wizards of the Wizarding World.

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