Personalised Photo Gifts for all the family with Asda Photo

Disclaimer: We received some products from Asda photo for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Who doesn’t like personalised gifts? It shows the person giving the gift has taken some extra steps to think about the gift they are giving and to make it special.

Photo personalised gifts can be a way of sharing precious memories with each other and there is a wide range of gifts available now from photo books and mugs, to calendars and even blankets!

Photo Books

I am a fan of photo books. After we have been on a holiday I always try to get photo books made of our favourite photos but the books would also make an ideal gift if you have a special meet up with friends or any events such as birthdays and other celebrations.

Asda Photo have a variety of styles and sizes so you can truly personalise the book and make it unique to you. The styles of photo books include ring bound and lay flat while the sizes vary from 6×4 to 12×12.

We recently went on a trip to the Heights of Abraham and the photos I took were ideal to make a photo book.

Creating your photo book.

Creating the photo book itself is very straight forward. Once you have selected what type of book and size you want, you get on to creating your project.

I found the whole process straightforward once I uploaded all the photos I wanted in the book. If you select one of the books that allow you to change the layout of each page then you can make changes and add collages of your photos.

You can then preview each page and once you are happy, simply place the order.

The photo book arrived quickly and we were pleased with the quality of the book. I had chosen the glossy option and it brought a shine to the photos. A perfect way to remember our family day out to such a beautiful place.

Photo Blankets

I must admit I hadn’t come across photo blankets before; I didn’t even realise it was possible. So I was curious about the process and quality. Again there are a variety of styles available, from full photo blankets, to blankets with themes and the ability to add more than 1 photo. I decided to opt for a Paws Print blanket as a blanket featuring the girls beloved cat would make an ideal gift for them.

The photos weren’t the only way to personalise the blanket. You also have a choice of colours for both the front and back of the blanket, although the paw prints are only on the front. I decided to go for a dark grey on the front and pink on the back which is Bee’s favourite colour.

There are 3 size options: 28” x 28”, 38” x 24” and 57” x 37” and prices start from £28.

Again the process of creating the blanket was straightforward. However this time I had problems with some of my photos as the quality of the ones I wanted to add were low and it warned me about that. Those photos were taken by an older iPhone so I am guessing the quality wasn’t good, and with some I had zoomed in. I wanted to make sure the photos were good quality to ensure the blanket looked nice and finally found some of the cat (and took some new ones) that did not bring up the error message.

The blanket itself was well received by both girls (it actually caused arguments as to whose blanket it was so we will need to get another one!) The verdict was that it was ‘nice and soft and snuggly’.

So it is perfect now that the colder nights are drawing in!

To find out what other personalised photo gifts are available, head over the to the Asda photo website.

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