Week 43 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 292 – 18th October

Not much happening today. Sundays have turned into a bit of a lazy day these days as hubby has started going work on Sundays now too so we don’t go out as much. Decided to bake some bread rolls…..think I made them a bit too big!

Monday Day 293 – 19th October

Received the draft of my will last week but only just sat down to read it through and make any changes necessary. It is simple as I don’t really have that much, but the cost is ridiculous for what really is probably just half an hours work. But needed to be done, and I had limited choices as to where to get it done as I wanted it to follow the Islamic rules of inheritance but also make sure it’s legal here. So had to find a solicitor who could do an islamic will.

Tuesday Day 294 – 20th October

A day of heavy rain and rained pretty much all day. That really dampened my mood. Did stuff all except watch some TV until it was time to pick up the girls. My clematis grew back after I thought it was done and cut it right back down…had to take a picture. And did manage to get an IGTV up of a book review. Also received the eldest’s attitude of learning report from school. She got ‘good’ in all subjects….and ‘exceptional’ in the subject she has recently dropped and changed! Proud of her

Wednesday Day 295 – 21st October

A day of trying to catch up with blogging stuff….seem to have a never ending to do list…and one I have been avoiding recently. Managed to get a review live of a game: Brainbox Animals.

Thursday Day 296 – 22nd October

A friend had messaged me last night asking if I wanted to go to breakfast in the morning. Hubby usually does the morning school runs these days so I am often lounging around in my pyjamas for a while..but it was nice to get out first thing and have a catch up with her.

Friday Day 297 – 23rd October

Was meant to meet up with a friend for lunch but she had to cancel as she had forgotten she was going out for a birthday dinner in the evening. So another quiet day. Did debate whether to go out and just have lunch myself but it is a bit lonely going alone! Some Disney items arrived for Bee to check out. Not sure if she will find them a bit young for her…will see.

Saturday Day 298 – 24th October

Karate first thing and then was going to treat the girls to lunch on the way home…but the cafe we like going to was packed so just came home. Eldest decided to make a cake. It tasted good but was just a bit on the small and flat size!

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