Week 47 of 2020 – Project 366

I am seriously beginning to find it hard as to what to share now. Life is pretty uneventful. The only time I go out is to pick up the girls from school. Otherwise I am at home, cooking, cleaning or binge watching Netflix.

 Day 320 – 15th November

We had been sent a workbook about the 99 names of Allah which is to be used alongside a YouTube series. Watched the first episode today and Bee did the workbook. And then a generally lazy Sunday.

 Day 321 – 16th November

Our evenings are generally quite relaxed now as everything is online. So a quiet moment here with Bee and the cat.

 Day 322 – 17th November

A quiet day today. Decided to treat the girls to dessert in the evening. One of the waffles was disappointing though as it wasn’t cooked thoroughly.

 Day 323 – 18th November

Hubby had come home with chocolates last night….I was good and didn’t have any in the evening but got tempted today! Had two online school governor meetings – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Was just glad to have something to do as getting so bored at home.

 Day 324 – 19th November

I run a Muslimah Bloggers community and as part of that I run some simple awards. Finally got the voting stage live as been putting it off for a couple of weeks.

 Day 325 – 20th November

Caught up with blogging stuff today. Realised I had a deadline for a review post today so quickly finished the post for Lite Brite. Also received a new Islamic book for review.

 Day 326 – 21st November

Not really a whole lot planned today. Got up for Bee’s online karate session, then got distracted and forgot to join in with the class! Seriously contemplating cancelling our membership if things don’t go back to normal next month. I resent paying full price for half the lessons.

A general tidy up of the house. I made space for my Islamic books and then hunted round the house trying to find where some of them are! Still haven’t found some of them.

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