Week 48 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 327 – 22nd November

A quiet day at home. Hubby made Chicken Manchurian. I contacted a baker to ask about ordering some Macarons for next month and she tempted me with some spare ones she had today and of course I couldn’t resist…so sent hubby off to go collect! It is the first time I have tried pistachio flavoured ones and they were quite nice.

Monday Day 328 – 23rd November

Eldest was getting ready for school when we both received emails that Year 10 have to stay at home today due to lack of staff. A few hours later I received a phone call from the school saying that she has been in contact with someone who has tested positive and she now needs to stay at home until 2nd December. Soon after I received an email to advise that another case has been confirmed at Bee’s section of the school, although she doesn’t need to self isolate yet. It was all a bit stressful and treated myself and the eldest to masala fish from the takeaway. While she did her school work I managed to get a blog post live about a local cafe: Cafe Yu.

Tuesday Day 329 – 24th November

A quiet day at home again. Bee is a bit miffed that her sister gets time off school but she still has to go! I had planned to do some more blog work but then hubby unexpectedly took the day off. He had to get his car fixed in the morning and then just decided not to go to the work afterwards. So a chilled quiet day at home. My friend who does Body Shop at Home had dropped off my surprise bag for me earlier in the week and decided to check out the contents properly. Basically you pay a set amount based on a theme (this month was cosy nights in) and you are surprised with products. I paid £10 with the products being worth at least £20. It is a nice way to discover new products that you might not otherwise have purchased.

Wednesday Day 330 – 25th November

Asked hubby to get me a Chaiiwala breakfast before he headed off to work. Then set down and finished my blog post about a book ‘How to talk to your Muslim Child about Sex‘. I then got annoyed with both the school and the eldest. The school appear to be setting very limited work and only one teacher seems to be making the effort to do any live classes. Considering it is year 10 this is extremely worrying and I don’t understand why they can’t just put a microphone or something in the room to allow those forced to self isolate to listen into the lessons that are still happening. They gave some books during the first lockdown and expect the kids the work from that. However the eldest and her friends appear to be just messing around on their phones so I strictly enforced that she can’t be on her phone during what should be school hours and after that she gets 2 hours max. My biggest regret is getting her a phone as its just leading kids to be addicted to them.

I then had a virtual parents evening for Bee. Her teacher is really pleased with her and says she has settled into her new school and has made friends. She is kind and helpful in the class and she was pleased with her grammar test in which she got 43 out of 50…and they don’t expect those results until the end of Year 3.

Thursday Day 331 – 26th November

A quiet day and eldest got on with her work as she knows I was mad yesterday and I will completely take the phone off her if necessary. Treated her to fish and chips from the chippy at lunch and I got on with some cooking.

Hubby came home with more snacks. I am trying to be good but he keeps bring home new snacks!

Friday Day 332 – 27th November

Before hubby went to work I dragged him to Pets at Home so I could get the cats food as her dry food is running out. Then headed to the shops to stock up on the kids snacks, especially things that Bee takes to school. While there decided to treat myself and the eldest (who was at home doing her school work) to a hot chocolate. Ordered via the app as you get 30% off and then just walked in and collected it. Am glad I did it all before 10 am as it was relatively quiet everywhere, a quick in and out with no browsing.

Browsed the sales online and treated myself to a Kindle and got Bee a Smiggle bag she was after after she came home with a certificate for Pupil of the Week for being kind, caring and a helpful member of the class. Also got the eldest some headphones.

Saturday Day 333 – 28th November

A quiet day. Told the girls no screen time until the afternoon as sick of them constantly being on their devices. No online karate for Bee as she fell at school yesterday and her knee was hurting. So we played some board games – a horse themed Monopoly and an Islam related game 5 pillars. Also baked a cake…and then let them watch TV/play on the Switch afterwards. My Kindle also arrived so set that up ready to read some books.

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  • Ohh! Those Macarons were a lovely treat. They look amazing!
    Eek! What a worry for the girls to be close to people who’s tested positive for Coronavirus.
    I know I spoke to you on Twitter about the school not doing live lessons and it is pretty rubbish. There is that many people off in my youngest girls school they have all lessons being broadcast over Zoom now, well apart from PE and practical lessons like that.
    That is great news about Bee, it sounds like she’s doing really well at school.
    I saw those Doritos Stax and did think about buying them but realised we still had Pringles left. I think we will be giving them a try soon.
    We have a rule where we don’t go online or use electronics until the afternoon on a weekend. It took some getting used to but it’s nice to spend some times as a family. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Week 48 of #Project366 – A photo every day for a year!My Profile

  • Ooh exciting getting a kindle. I love mine – so much easier to zoom in at night than put on my glasses! Mine’s really old though, so it’s a bit slow.
    Love all the food you have in your posts. Makes me hungry

  • Oooh what are the ones on a stick in the Macarons photo, they look very tasty and chocolaty! That’s a good deal with the Body Shop products, hope you enjoy your night in! The only kind of night these days 🙂 The strawberry topped cake looks amazing. I have the same worry with screen time, my two would game all weekend if I let them (which I don’t lol!) x
    Karen Langridge recently posted…How to Add Value to Your Home in 2021My Profile

  • Kids and gadgets nowadays! It’s so tricky to find the right balance, as you don’t want them not to have access to technology, but also don’t want them to get addicted. I insist that my younger one has a limit each day on how much he can spend on the ipad and gaming, thankfully, he also reads a lot.
    The macarons look tasty. Pistachio is my favourite flavour.
    How worrying about the school and people getting positive, and how annoying that the school hasn’t done the home-schooling a better experience.

  • Those macarons look nice, I love the sound of pistachio-flavoured ones. How worrying that there are positive cases at your eldest’s school and Bee’s school. Hope you all stay well. Frustrating that the school are being more proactive with work. I can imagine that the phone is a big distraction – sounds like the threat to take it away worked though. That cake looks amazing. #project366

  • The macaroons look so delicious and tempting. OoOOOo chicken manchurian. That fish looks delicious. Oh no, I hope your kids did not get the virus from being exposed. Those products look good. Chaiiwala breakfast? Nice. I’m surprised the online classes for year 10 aren’t being conducted seriously. You wrote a good review about the book. Great job, Bee! OoOo hot chocolate and great that it was 30% off through the app. Devices can be addictive. OooooO lovely cake
    Andale Seaworne recently posted…Project 366 2020 – WEEK 49My Profile

  • If I wasn’t hungry before reading this post, I am now! It all looks amazing and as for that breakfast… that seriously beats cereal, I want one too! Pistachio macarons are amazing, I could eat them all day. I did eye some up in Aldi earlier but thought better of it, it’s far too early for me to break before Christmas! I hope your eldest has managed to knuckle down off school, they have already missed so much this year, it’s crazy! Sim
    Sim @ Sim’s Life recently posted…Project 366 Week 39 – Hello DecemberMy Profile