Week 3 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 17 January – Day 17

Tried to get on with some blog stuff but didn’t get very far. Did manage to get a reel done for Instagram for some sun catchers we were sent to review.

Monday 18 January – Day 18

Dad had a hearing test today (the one that was cancelled last week with 30 mins notice) so took him to that. He had to have a hearing test and then an hour later the consultant rang. Dad has conductive hearing loss so he now needs to go back so the consultant can look in his ears and he has also been referred for hearing aids. Just need to wait for both appointments now.

Tuesday 19 January – Day 19

Been feeling a bit ‘meh’ so spent pretty much all day in my bedroom while the kids got on with their classes. Just felt like I have had enough with all this and really want some normality in our lives. Rosie pretty much reflected my mood.

Wednesday 20 January – Day 20

Mum has been having some issues with a really bad rash on her face. When I phoned the doctors on Monday the receptionist took the decision that my mum didn’t need to speak to anyone with medical expertise and told her to go the pharmacist. She went there and they took one look at her and said she needed a doctor so a staff member went with her to the surgery and they said she needed to call again on Tuesday and see if she manages to get an appointment. I rang her on Tuesday and managed to get her a telephone consultation. The nurse, without even seeing her face said its probably dry skin and she needs to get a cream. Mum got confused and thought she was going to be given a prescription. When we went in the evening there was no record of a prescription….so this morning I had to ring again…..and apparently she was given the name of a cream and she had to go and pay for it herself and not on prescription…..so I went and collected it for her. Will see if it helps over the weekend and if it doesn’t call them again.

Thursday 21 January – Day 21

Took mum for her vaccine at the local surgery – both parents have now had their first dose. Then in the afternoon had a bit of a pamper session with Bee, she wanted her nails painted.

Friday 22 January – Day 22

The sun was out and the temperature wasn’t too bad so dragged the kids out to the embankment after their online classes to feed the swans, duck and geese…..they were really hungry and came running and some were brave enough to snatch the food from our hands. Will go back with more next time as felt a bit sorry for them if they were that hungry. Then went for a walk along the embankment as we haven’t been out for a while.

Saturday 23 January – Day 23

No home educating today, cloudy sky but the predicted 6 hours of snow didn’t happen. Just chilled and watched a bit of TV. Eldest decided to bake and tried some cheese and onion pies.

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