Review: The Miraculous Nights

I had heard about this book, The Miraculous Nights being mentioned in some Facebook groups and being rated highly so decided to get it as I am always looking to build up our collection of Islamic children’s books that are high quality.

A short rhyming story to introduce children to two very special events in the seerah of the last Prophet ﷺ

The book is recommended for ages 5+ and therefore the two special events, Laylatul Qadr & Miraj are described in brief detail, to get the basic and important information across. The rhyming text makes it a gentle read and makes it ideal as a bedtime read for the younger ones.

Hardback and with good quality paper, the book is fully illustrated with bright and colourful illustrations on each of its 25 pages.

For a more detailed look into the book watch my IGTV.

If you purchase the book in February 2021 from Colour My Wall, you can also receive The Miraculous Nights Board Game.

The game is suitable for ages 3 – 10. There are 2 different games to play. The first game is recommended for ages 3-7 years and is similar to Snakes and Ladders. The second way to play the game is for the older children 7-10 years and involves answering questions.

The game is a fun game for all the family to get involved with and most of the questions aren’t too difficult and include things that should be covered in basic Islamic Studies. The ‘board’ itself is card and it would be nice if this could be made into a more studier board and in a box of its own so can be stored safely. I would also have liked the Buraq counters to be sightly bigger. But as an added addition to the book this month, it was gratefully received as both girls got involved to test their knowledge.

If you like the look of the book then it can be purchased from the Colour My Wall website or Amazon (affiliate link).

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