Review: Zombie Kidz Evolution

Disclaimer: We received Zombie Kidz Evolution for the purposes of review from Coiled Spring Games. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I must admit when I first saw this game I did wonder if Zombies was something I wanted to introduce Bee to play a game based on them….but we decided to give it a try!

Zombies have invaded your school! Everyone else is running away, so you’ll have to be the one to beat back these creatures!

Can you lock all four doors before the zombies take over?

Zombie Kids Evolution is different in that it is a co-operative game. Rather than play against each other, the players have to work together to save the school from a zombie take over!

Whats in the box?

  • Double Sided Game Board
  • 13 Sealed Envelopes
  • Four Hero Tokens
  • Eight Zombie Tokens
  • One Zombie Die
  • Four Lock Tokens
  • Eight Plastic Standees
  • Instruction booklet with section at the back to record your progress.

How to Play?

The game is all about working together to beat the Zombies. It is suitable for ages 7+ and for 2-4 players. Each game takes about 5-10 minutes, which is ideal for those who don’t want a long game.

The game board is double sided as if you only have 2 players you play on the ‘night’ board and if you have more than 2, you play on the ‘day’ board.

Game play is simple. The aim of the game is to work together to place a lock on each entry way to prevent more zombies coming in.

You place a zombie on each entryway and the rest of the zombies go in a line on reserve. Your hero’s start in the red room.

Night mode play with 2 players

Zombie’s on the reserve line can enter at the roll of the die.

The colour on the die represents which area the zombie has to go in….blue, green, red yellow or purple. If you land on the white face then no zombies come in. Once you have rolled your die, you then move your hero into the position you want to go in – if there are zombies in that space you can eliminate them (but not if there is 3). If all the zombies end up in the school and there are none left in reserve to be placed on the throw of the die then you have lost the game and the zombies have won.

What is unique about the game is that it evolves (hence evolution). You have to record your progress as you play and once you have played a certain number of games you can open a sealed envelope. The envelopes will contain one of the following:

  • Additional game content
  • A rank Badge Sticker
  • An advanced rules sticker
  • A new mission sticker

You can record your progress after each game at the back of the instruction booklet which then guides you as to when to open an envelope.

What Did We Think?

Zombie Kids Evolution is a fun family game for the children and the novelty of wanting to open the envelopes can make them want to continue playing for a long time!! ‘Just one more game!’

Game play is simply and easy to pick up and each game is relatively quick. We did find that the 2 player game was easier to win than when we played as a 3 as we kept losing with 3 players. But that doesn’t matter as you can still log it is a played game.

I did initially worry that the zombie pictures might be a bit scary for Bee but there was nothing to worry about. As the game is aimed at children from age 7, the zombies weren’t particularly terrifying!

And the hero’s looked like cool, fun kids!

You can learn more about Zombie Kidz Evolution at Coiled Spring Games and it is also available to buy at Amazon (affiliate link).

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