Week 7 of 2021 – Project 365

Half term week and to be honest not a lot happening. In normal times we probably would have gone to other cities to eat out and have a couple of days out. This time it has been a lot of screen time.

Sunday 14 February – Day 45

Valentines Day but we don’t really celebrate it. No unnecessary expenditure which suits us. Hubby was at work and I started a school project with Bee to make a volcano. No idea what we are doing but having a go. I hate crafts

Monday 15 February – Day 46

Hubby’s birthday today. Normally we would have gone out to eat. I didn’t bother getting cake as he rarely eats it as he is diabetic and I am currently being very strict with sugar due to my diabetes. Did tell the girls to bake something if they wanted cake but they weren’t fussed…Bee made her dad a card though. Instead I was healthy and had fruit and we just all chilled at home as he had a day off.

Tuesday 16 February – Day 47

Pancake day. Got up to make pancakes and realised we had no flour left to make them. Instead we ordered a takeaway and I had the masala fish again. Getting a bit addicted to that.

Wednesday 17 February – Day 48

We had ordered some squirrel food and decided to venture out to find the squirrels at the local park. Seems like a lot of people had the same idea as whenever we spotted one people were already giving them nuts and things to eat. We gave out a few nuts and then decided to come back another day but earlier on to miss the crowds.

Thursday 18 February – Day 49

Decided to work on our ‘Shoebox Theatre’ and decided to make a unicorn theme one. So basically as colourful as possible. Didn’t finish it though…will finish it over the rest of the week. Also received an email saying that I should be shielding and need to shield until 31st March. Well its not as though I was going out much anyway.

Friday 19 February – Day 50

Didn’t do much today. Asked my nephew to collect the cats cat food that I had ordered and paid for as technically I should be shielding and then myself and the girls chilled at home. A lot of Nintendo Switch play today and film watching.

Saturday 20 February – Day 51

Chilled out Saturday. Finished the volcano project. We had had enough of the paper mache and just ended up painting it black with the eldest adding tissue paper for lava. Not a masterpiece at all but it will do!

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