Week 8 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 21 February – Day 52

A chilled out day really – TV and finished off our Shoebox Theatre which was a project by the local theatre.

Monday 22 February – Day 53

Back to online learning for both girls. I decided to just chill and read a book today, Rosie kept me company. In the evening heard that the kids will be going back to school on 8th March. As much as they need to go back to school, part of me wishes that they went back after Easter, seems pointless for just 3 weeks.

Tuesday 23 February – Day 54

Had my diabetic eye check today and hubby took today off work so he could take me – the eye drops make your eyes sensitive and you can’t drive. While he was home we decided to declutter the storage room in our bedroom as things had fallen over and were a right mess. Threw a lot of things away but still have way too much. Need to be tougher when decluttering. I found some old birthday cards with badges the hubby had got me when we first got married. Now we don’t really bother.

Wednesday 24 February – Day 55

While the girls got on with their classes I did some blog work. Got a review live of a game we had been sent, Zombie Kidz Evolution.

Thursday 25 February – Day 56

Had an appointment in the morning so ventured out and then worked on a review for a book I had recently purchased and wanted to share with my blog followers called The Miraculous Nights.

Friday 26 February – Day 57

The sun was out and it felt warmer so got the kids out to make a start on the garden and do some weeding. If we start and do a bit at a time it will be manageable rather than do it all in one go later on. Was nice to start work on the garden and feel the sun.

Saturday 27 February – Day 58

A lazy morning then back in the garden in the afternoon. Even Rosie is enjoying the sun and has started spending more time outside rather than asleep by the radiators. Did debate whether to go out for a walk but with the sun out I am guessing the parks will be busy so just chilled at home.

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