An Ocean in One Drop – The Tale of Hajar in Hajj

One of the books we have that is relating to hajj is ‘An Ocean in One Drop – The Tale of Hajjar in Hajj.’ One of the five pillars of Islam is hajj so it is of the utmost importance to ensure our children know about hajj, what it is and why we perform it. And this book is perfect to help teach your child about the history of zamzam water.

‘An entire ocean of history can be found in just one drop of water.’

Author: Mariam Hakim

Illustrators: Layla Aldubaisi & Hameedah Hamadah

Publisher: Waw Stories

This touching tale of Hajar’s struggle to find water for her infant son is revered by Muslims worldwide. It is retold in this beautiful book through a glorious showcase of Islamic heritage.

An Ocean in One Drop

The story follows Jamila, who’s grandmother has returned from hajj with special water. This then leads to the telling of the story of Hajar (alayha s-salam) and her struggle in the desert to find water. It tells of her running between Marwa and Safa and of her stready and strong faith and finally finding water which is the holy Zamzam water.

With rhyming couplets, this is a beautifully illustrated picture book, teaching the history and importance of Zamzam water and copying Hajar’s (AS) journey during hajj of her looking for water.

For a more detailed look at the book watch my IGTV.

If you are interested in purchasing it then it is available on Amazon (affiliate link):

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