Week 22 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 30th May – Day 149

A quiet day. Started packing for our trip to Wales and headed over to the parents so they could spend some time with the girls before we head to Wales tomorrow. I love these flowers in their garden. It was my plant in a pot but it wasn’t doing well. I didn’t have space to plant it in the ground so planted it at the parents and it is thriving.

Monday 31st May – Day 150

Time to head to Wales. Normally we would leave early to make the most of it but decided to take it easy as I was nervous about the journey while being 29 weeks pregnant…. and left just after 10. Stopped off at Birmingham to have lunch and then with breaks arrived in Wales at 5.30. Did debate whether to drive to a beach or something but I really needed to put my feet up and rest my back. The cottage was lovely and the hosts had left a card and present as I had mentioned we were coming to celebrate our birthdays.

Tuesday 1st June – Day 151

I had booked a dolphin spotting trip in New Quay so drove there first thing in the morning. It was a lovely day for it and spotted some dolphins in the distance. Then in the afternoon headed to llansteffan beach and castle. The walk to the castle was a bit steep and I was exhausted afterwards so then headed home to rest up.

Wednesday 2nd June – Day 152

Rain was forecast for today and we couldn’t decide what to do. Did consider going to Cardiff to the museum but hubby did not want to drive over an hour and a half just for a museum. And to be honest I was beginning to feel a bit drained and didn’t want to go too far. Ended up heading to the The National Botanic Garden of Wales which was just 20 mins away. The rain held off until the afternoon so we managed to have a walk around and see the Birds of Prey Show. Then decided to head back to the cottage and chill. Bee had made friends with the hosts dogs and she spent some time playing frisbee with them when the rain stopped in the evening.

Thursday 3rd June – Day 153

Eldest’s 15th Birthday and our last day in Wales. I was ready to just head straight home but hubby decided he wanted to go check out the dams at Elan Valley. It was a bit of a detour but decided to make the most of our last day in Wales. On the way there we saw some signs for the Devils Bridge and Waterfall and decided to stop there and have a look. It was a nice place but was quite steep going down to the waterfall and was exhausted coming back up the steps. Was a bit uneven and I was in my sandals as hadn’t planned to go see the waterfall! But managed it! Then headed to the dams….the scenery on the way there was stunning and saw loads of sheep….some who were in the road too! Stopped off in Birmingham again and had a birthday evening meal before getting home at 8.30pm to my parents for cake and balloons which I had arranged to be delivered.

Friday 4th June – Day 154

A day of not doing a lot. Rested up, and did the washing we had collected over the last few days. My parents had watered my plants for me while we were gone and was nice to see that my clematis had flowered.

Saturday 5th June – Day 155

My 40th birthday! We don’t really celebrate birthdays in a big way and hubby doesn’t always make an effort. Plus we usually still have some cake left over from my eldest’s birthday. But he got me a balloon and a small cake as it was a special birthday before he had to go to work. Headed to my parents in the evening and ordered a takeaway. Was a nice relaxed birthday.

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