Crystalina – Let your Crystal Power Shine

Disclaimer: We received 2 Crystalina for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Bee was so excited to see Crystalina as she loves doll. And these aren’t just simply dolls, they light up with other fun features.

What are Crystalina?

Crystalina fairy dolls are the light-up fairy dolls that combine the empowering energy of crystals with LED lights, bringing bring together the fun of role play with collectable dolls.

Crystalina dolls light-up to embody a crystal element with magical properties – or auras.

There are 4 characters to collect: Turquoise (The Sprite of Healing), Rose Quartz (The Sprite of Love), Amethyst (The Sprite of Wisdom), and Adventurine (The Sprite of Luck).

We received Adventurine and Turquoise.

Whats in the Box?

  • Doll
  • Wearable, crystal-shaped amulet
  • Moon-shaped doll stand
  • Crystal hair piece
  • Information/Collectors sheet


So what can Crystalina fairy dolls do? To light them up you need to give them a shake or press the button at the bottom. Once lit up the Crystalina sprites light up with different colours. You can press the button to cycle through 1 of 10 auras. Each aura has an empowering meaning such as ‘Be a Leader’, ‘Outwit an Opponent’, ‘Forgive and Forget’ and more. Check the collectors sheet to see what each aura relates to.

Each Crystalina sprite also has a superpower aura burst which is revealed when you shale the sprite for several seconds.

In addition to the dolls lighting up, if the amulet is nearby the colour is passed to it and both will display the aura pattern. You can also press the button on the amulet to cycle through the 10 individual colours with their meanings such as ‘love’, ‘courage’, ‘compassion’ and more.

The dolls feature brushable hair and the crystal hair piece can be put in the dolls hair or your own hair. The stand is perfect to display the doll and there is space to put the amulet at the back. The doll and amulet light up on the stand to create a glowing room display.

Sharing between two Sprites and unlocking hidden Auras

In addition to their own auras, when two sprites meet they unlock a hidden aura. As soon as two sprites meet and you shake them, the new aura is unlocked automatically. They both communicate with lights before the new aura is shown. This is stored and added to their memory. This is then retained until another shared power replaces it.

When Adventurine and Turquoise meet their hidden aura is ‘See the Truth’.

What did we think?

Crystalina are cute dolls and perfect collectibles. It makes it more fun when friends have the dolls too and auras can be shared between them. The different colours are great to look at and really light up when it is darker. It is great that you can use the amulet to select the colour/aura you want and then also wear the amulet to ‘harness’ the power. It can give children a boost of confidence when wearing the aura they have picked.

If you like the look of Crystalina fairy dolls then they are available from Tesco, B&M and other good toy retailers.

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